The year of reading and writing – Life List review 2011

My Life List is now something like two years old, and rather than the whole New Year’s Resolution thing, I like to have a quick look back at the things achieved this year, and then a quick look forward at what I hope the year ahead will bring. It’s fair to say that this year has not been as full of Life List success as I would have hoped, mostly because it was full of months of soul-searching, making life-changing decisions, and forging ahead with book-writing.

I do not know if 2012 will be any better but I do have hopes.

Travel the UK in alphabetical order

In progress

I only managed six locations in 2011, but they did include another fabulous road trip that took in four great attractions (well, three great ones and one disappointing one, anyway). I was all set to go to my O a couple of months ago but had an issue with the transportation, so that has put all plans on the backburner a little bit.

I’m still excited for the places I have yet to visit, and I have vague plans for another mini road trip for the next few months as well.

Watch 500 films

In progress

Just yesterday, I posted the Film Watch review for titles 151 to 200. That means I’m just fifty away from getting halfway to this goal. Mr C and I are loving watching films more than ever, and find it a great way to relax and spend some good quality time together. As mentioned in the review, I’m starting to find I have actual film knowledge which is a new and exciting feeling.

I revamped the Film Watch page at some point during the year, and I love all the extra information in there, but it is becoming a bit unwieldy as we keep on adding to it.

Watch and blog every episode of new Doctor Who

In progress

Absolutely terrible. I did well keeping up with the new series, but had such plans to whizz through the back catalogue and they all fell by the wayside. I refuse to make any promises for next year, but I am thankful that I’ve got to the David Tennant era.

Try 20 new foods

In progress

Three new foods this year, but boy do I wish I had never started this one. I don’t want to be adventurous anymore!

Bake 10 different types of bread

In progress

This one I just started very recently, with a new batch of fresh white bread. I hope to bake more over the next few months. Perhaps this one will tie in with the one above. Perhaps not.

Solve a Rubik’s cube


I cheated but I can live with it.

Publish a book


Publishing a book wasn’t technically on my Life List when I achieved it, but that was a massive oversight because it totally should have been. It’s the biggest achievement of my year, probably of my life – mostly from the point of view of starting and finishing something, seeing it through to the end. Seeing my name come up with items when you search on Amazon is just incredible.

I’m still working on things, it’s hard but it’s so rewarding. This year I also set up a dedicated site to follow all book and writing related things. I’d like to do more with it over the next 12 months.

Read the Best 100 novels according to one list

In progress

This is probably the item that got the most attention in 2011. Particularly when I returned to an office job and found myself with a Kindle. The two things came together perfectly so that each lunch hour, I’m reading my way through the list.

I can’t be 100% sure, but I think at the end of last year, I’d read 7 books on the list. Now I am up to 32, which is fabulous. When I put the list together, I wasn’t sure I’d make 100 – that it might take too long. Now I’m thinking I’ll be able to do the full 200. It’s always easy to say though!

See 10 different sports played live

In progress

So far, there’s just been one sporting event checked off this list, and that was in early January. I had plans and ideas for the rest of the year but my situation kept on changing and it was hard to get anything organised. I do have a good idea of several sports that I want to go and see, it’s just a matter of getting myself together and out of the house.

What of 2012?

There’s plenty to be worked on for the upcoming year, and whilst I don’t see myself being any less busy, hopefully I should be a bit more settled (and have a bit more in the bank) to be able to get some items checked off. I probably need to stop trying to do so many things at the same time.

I added a few new items to the list this year, including reading a “newspaper” for 30 consecutive days, and I gave in and added a 10k race to the list as well. I don’t see that being in my imminent future but I think it’s definitely something I can work towards.

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6 thoughts on “The year of reading and writing – Life List review 2011

  1. Love the list! Very demanding, but also super exciting. 🙂 Mine is shorter, but it includes travelling through UK as well.
    As for the “See 10 different sports played live” point.
    Well, since you live in London you could watch The Boat Race live. 🙂 And this year I am going to be there too, would be a nice opportunity to meat. Sidepodmeeting perhaps? Any chance for that? 🙂 Good luck with your list! 🙂

  2. I need to sort out a life list for myself, i’d love to have one. I have so many things i know i want to do or achieve but think i need to write them down to keep myself on track!

    For your sporting event you should come to Queens, Christine! You can get tickets a few days before after checking the weather forecast and you get to see some awesome matches for a reasonable price! Orrr… the WTF final in London is great! Even the cheaper seats, but cheap isn’t the word i’d maybe use.

  3. It’s really easy to play around with bread recipes. Different flours, some seeds and you have a whole different loaf. Soy and linseed is one of my favourites and a fruit loaf is pretty simple too.

  4. I have loads of things I want to do but have never formalised them into a list. I think that is because real life keeps butting in and ruining my plans. Maybe writing a list should be the first item on my list.

  5. I just realised how rude my last comment was. I didn’t even say how amazed I am that Christine is so organised and is making real progress with her list.

  6. Not rude at all. The whole point of Life Lists is to share and encourage others to do the same. You should make a list, even if it only has one item on it to start with.

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