Christmas to-do list

Here is my to do list looking quite a state. I have made it mostly hard to read because there are some quite fun and fabulous and secret upcoming things on there.

Christmas provides a few days off, and I intend to get this list down to a more manageable size. It used to hover around the three quarters of a page length, and that I could deal with.

I’m writing this post so that I can be accountable for either succeeding or failing miserably. We will find out in a week or so!

3 thoughts on “Christmas to-do list

  1. I’ll be honest hehe: I copied and paste the photo on photoshop and tried to make the sentences more ‘readable’ 😛 Understood some words, but not the whole meaning, so your secrets are still secrets 😉

  2. I have a procedural question… Do you cross things out on completion or when you make a mistake / don’t have to do it?

    Personally, because I am a nutcase, I write my to do lists with little check boxes on the left. Then I can cross things out if they are wrong or don’t need to be done and check things off when they are done.

    While this sounds totally mad at this point it comes in very very handy when taking notes in meetings. Several lines of notes about something, then oooh somebody wants something doing, you make the note and put a check box in the margin. Then carry on with the notes. Then you can extract all of the todos and make a single page of todos in which case you draw a little arrow in the box to say, this isn’t necessarily completed but it is now being housed elsewhere in the notebook. Okay I might be mad.

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