Trailer Tuesday – How do you know my name?

So, first up, the new Batman trailer.

The Dark Knight Rises

I like the idea that this is a set of Batman stories – a trilogy of Batman, not trying to keep the brand alive forever, not trying to take it over and push it in a new direction forever, but just taking the characters and telling a story and then moving on. Of course, that is until a fourth movie comes out and this all gets blown out of the water.

Looks good, dramatic, I am sort of dreading Ms Hathaway’s role though. Love the football field falling away!

I also spotted the Men in Black 3 trailer today.

Men in Black 3

Hadn’t realised this was going ahead quite so quickly, it feels like two minutes ago they said they were doing another one. I liked the first film, I can’t remember the second one although I must have seen it. This looks a lot better than I thought it would, but throwing time travel into the mix seems a bit desperate. I do love time travel so if they do it right, I’ll be happy.

Finally, there are some trailers for trailers of Prometheus on Apple’s trailer site. Unusual for the trailer of a film to get such a build-up isn’t it?


3 thoughts on “Trailer Tuesday – How do you know my name?

  1. The Batman trailer just doesn’t look like a Batman film to me. The bit at the end where something is flying up the side of those skyscrapers is a straight rip off of flying into the death star in Star Wars. Not sure what the Cool Runnings equivalent is.

    I am not sure about a third MIB film. You can’t go wrong with including the Chrysler building though. That roof is about as close to perfect as is possible. I have loved that since the first time I saw it. The time travel element is a bit weird. Why did none of the aliens in the first two films use it?

    Like you I remember the first film well but the second is a total blank. Maybe they used the flashy thing at the end of it so no-one remembers.

    The Prometheus trailer is just too short

  2. I preferred MIB II, if just for the talking dog

    Prometheus now has 3 trailers and the film is 6 months away. To say there is some anticipation from the Alien quadrilogy fanbase for this is a mild understatement.

    Saying that, The Hobbit [pt 1] is a year away and those trailers have started too. It’s getting out of hand

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