Pandas in the UK means a return trip to Edinburgh

When I visited Edinburgh for my Alphabet Adventure, I very much liked it. Which is lucky, because the zoo have recently taken ownership of two pandas – on loan from China. I remember the Park & Ride bus stopping at the zoo on the way back, and I considered getting off but it didn’t look all that impressive from the outside. Now, it is one of my top destinations!

I loved hearing about the pandas arrival – being flown in on a FedEx plane, and being nicely secured in see through FedEx crates. Who knew you could just FedEx a panda? It would have been brilliant if that had been one of the packages Tom Hanks had been left with on Cast Away.

Anyway, a couple of thoughts after this video.

Nice use of the word ensconced by the anchor there. I’m a bit concerned that they were welcomed with bagpipes. I mean, these instruments are a… how to put it politely… an acquired taste. Surely more scary than welcoming to a panda?

I love that people lined the streets to wave their Scottish flags at the panda truck, even though they didn’t get sight of the animals themselves. I guess they’ll take a few weeks to be settled in before making any public appearances.

The zoo are optimistic that the pandas will bring increased visitor numbers to the zoo. Well, obviously I am one of those, but as the man rightly says at the end of the video above – if they want to keep momentum going for ten years, they’ll need a cub. It’s almost impossible that the pandas will mate successfully, but if there was a baby panda at Edinburgh… well, I think I might move.

3 thoughts on “Pandas in the UK means a return trip to Edinburgh

  1. I checked the zoo website to see when the pandas were going on display a couple of days and it is not as simple as going into the zoo and heading for the pandas. You have to print off tickets before you go and there is no #mfc option either. Given how short a time you get I can see people booking slots every hour.

  2. Surely it would have made a lot more sense to install them before introducing the pandas

    Unless you put them in one place and they spend all of their time in the opposite corner. Wouldn’t have been hard to move them, though.

    Yay for pandacam!

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