365 F1 Stories on Twitter and Facebook – your sneak peek

365 F1 Stories chronicles a tale from Formula One’s vast history for every single day of the year, with a variety of different topics on offer. From driver birthdays, to important races, to those little moments you might have missed, there’s plenty on offer in the books.

If you’re not completely convinced, or have bought the books but haven’t read through them all, there’s a quick way of getting a teaser for what’s happening on the day in question. The 365 F1 Stories Twitter account has a daily teaser update for you, posing a question related to the relevant story in the book itself. For example, a couple of days ago, this was the update:


They’re part guessing game, part quiz, part sneak peek into what the book holds. If you fancy following along, do visit the 365 F1 Stories Twitter account, and let me know what you think the answers are. The updates also appear on the Sidepodcast homepage, and via the 365 F1 Stories page on Facebook. You can’t miss them!