My regularly scheduled fireworks rant

Over the past few years, I’ve had my own personal campaigns against some of the major national holiday celebrations. I’ve vented my distaste over Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and of course, Christmas. Ultimately, my aim has always been to get people to accept the fact that I don’t like these things even though they do. It’s a personal choice, and they’re free to get on with their celebrations, leaving me not to.

That, then, brings me to Bonfire Night. I’ve humphed and grumped about fireworks many times – almost four years ago on Jaiku, and here on the blog two years ago. Perhaps this can be my two-yearly moan.

Whilst my adverse reactions to other celebrations have faded and I even get involved in some of the more fun aspects of them, my irritation with fireworks has only grown each and every year. I’ve just recently managed to put my finger on why.

Fireworks are one of the most selfish types of celebration around. If you’re celebrating Christmas and I don’t want to, it’s unlikely we’re going to cross paths. You’ll be having your turkey in your dining room, and I’ll be taking a nap or something.

Fireworks, though, are an entirely different story. They are incosiderate, loud, obnoxious. They scare cats, children, people who don’t like loud noises, and they make people like me angry.

If you’re celebrating with fireworks, there is nothing I can do to get away from that.

10 thoughts on “My regularly scheduled fireworks rant

  1. You could move down here where they don’t celebrate it 🙂 (which I still find odd on my fourth 5th November here)

  2. You could come to my house. We celebrate it, but only by standing at the top of the hill and watching other people’s fireworks that are 1/2 a mile away… …if we feel like it and the weather’s nice* (we’re having a pretty bad day so probably won’t bother this year). A good set of headphones plus the house’s nice thick walls and thick closed curtains, and you’d be able to ignore the fireworks to your heart’s content.

    * – Paranthetically, we celebrate New Year’s Day the same way, except with extra lemonade in glasses and a cheese-and-cracker board with cheesecake (Bonfire Night has whatever meals would have been served anyway).

  3. I don’t mind them if they aren’t excessively loud (I swear they were never this loud before) and if they STICK TO THE PROPER DAY and not for at least a week either side of November 5th.

  4. Come to Australia, where not only is it not celebrated (although I seem to recall it being celebrated when I was a kid… which wasn’t THAT long ago. Only a quarter century. Crap, nevermind) but fireworks/crackers can’t be bought, and bonfires are banned, especially in November. Mainly cos the entire country would disappear in a second into a giant fireball, but also to make people who hate fireworks nights happy! (NB I have no evidence for the latter 😛 )

    We do however seem to have organised fireworks for almost every event possible, but those are scheduled events (fairs, fetes etc) and only last a short time.

    I would, however, suggest you avoid India and Sri Lanka during Deepavali. I forgot about it and thought the Tamil Tigers had reformed and were attacking my hotel…. It’s fair to say the people of Sri Lanka like crackers. Especially at 3am!

  5. Fireworks are a new years day thing here, which is cool because most people celebrate new years in some form.

    I’d gladly take the annoyance of fireworks over what I have to put up with this weekend – there is one of those car shows that cater to the fast and furious crowd, which seems to involve illegal drag racing up and down my street, and organised drifting competitions less than a half kilometre away. The noise is incredible and my house stinks of tyre smoke because I left a window open 😦

  6. I like organised displays. But tbh I think people setting off their own fireworks is really stupid. I just find the whole idea of people playing with explosives a bit ridiculous!

  7. I like organised displays. But tbh I think people setting off their own fireworks is really stupid. I just find the whole idea of people playing with explosives a bit ridiculous!

    Not really, if done safely and properly it’s a lot of fun. I thoroughly enjoyed my new years celebration last year because of it.

  8. I like fireworks but I agree with Pat they are definitely louder now. Last night I heard /felt some that seemed more like percussive charges than just noise making fireworks. I am sure they are putting something in the mix to make them percussive.

    Maybe we need to come up with silent fireworks. That has to be a Dragons Den winner and can’t be very difficult.

  9. We have a very strange thing that happens in our neighbourhood in that because we live at the top of a hill we are at the same height as quite a lot of fireworks that go off which means that we not only get the noise but it actually gets quite bright too! There were so many this year it was crazy!

    My neighbours son couldn’t sleep because of the fireworks and was really cranky the next day and when his sister was annoying him he bit her! So fireworks can be dangerous in even more ways! (I know this is a rediculous connection to draw but I am trying to help as much as possible!)

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