The Sims Medieval (and Social) take the game in a new direction

A while back, I discussed the new Sims Social game – a Facebook only game that was clearly developed to generate cash whilst fostering relationships at the same time. I wasn’t sure about it at all back then, but was willing to give it a few more days.

I have played it quite a lot since then, for a week or so I was checking in every day. It is fun seeing what you can do and interacting with other people, but I think the charm has worn off now. I’m not sure I’ve played it at all this week, and I think I’m probably over it.

What I have found, though, is that I liked the concept of having goals to reach. You could go about your daily business, working on skills, racking up relationship points and doing whatever you wanted, but if you were unsure which direction to go next, there was a handy goal to help you out.

The Sims proper has featured wants and wishes for ages but for some reason, the way the Sims Social did it was more enticing. It’s a similar story with the Sims Medieval, I think. I haven’t played the full game but I tried out the iPad version and loved it.

You start out as a peasant, you work on specific quests for people, and as you work through them, you gain rewards and the story progresses. I never thought I’d want the Sims to have a specific story, I’ve always liked the open-endedness of it, but it was intriguing. Mr C has often said to me in the past “Did you win?” when I have shut down the Sims with an air of satisfaction. It’s hard to explain that there is no winning, you just keep on living.

So, now, I am tempted to try out the Sims Medieval full game. I don’t really have time to play at the moment, but Christmas is coming and that is traditionally a time of rest for us. Well, not perhaps rest, but of trying out new and exciting things, anyway. What could be more exciting than starting out as a peasant and working your way up to be King or Queen?

One thought on “The Sims Medieval (and Social) take the game in a new direction

  1. That sounds great! Taking one Sim on an epic adventure like that would be a great deal of fun and yes, it would be possible to get a decisive win 🙂

    The Sims 2 has the advantage of being able to write your own story, which makes it useful for setting your own goals (writing a story that has now run for 10 years is very satisfying, especially when a Sim lets). I’ve recently had a fairly wealthy commoner become a vampire and scare away the entire previous ruling family because they were doing a bad job. Now I just have to work out how to solve the problem where half the under-12s in town are related to the same alien…

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