More running re-evaluation – the dark nights draw closer

This evening, I came home from work and went for a run. It was a bit chilly out there, and getting dark, and it’s very clear that there won’t be many running hours left after work for much longer. Even with the impending time change. Mmm, GMT.

This was my first run for twelve days, which seems like forever. Did I say I wanted to run more times than ever before in October? Ha ha ha.

Before I started work and found there were even less hours in the day than I’d remembered, I came up with my next running plan. I really, really want to work on speed – not necessarily becoming fast as lightning, but just seeing if it is possible to improve at all. I’ve not believed I can get any faster, but equally, I’m not sure I’ve given it a huge chance.

I was working on the concept of running shorter distances, more often, and hoping to get faster. That last Runkeeper course I took was a 5k in 30 minutes. So, you’d have to do 2.5k in 15 minutes. Well, I’m way off that and unlikely to ever get near it, but I was working on getting under 20 minutes for a start.

I was definitely improving before I started work. A quick peek at my Runkeeper stats show  I was getting faster, and I was starting to learn more about my body again. Good times.

Now, I’m really not sure how I can fit running in to the schedule, but I know that I still have a plan and I still want to work on it. When I went out today, I was slower than the last few times I went out, but I recovered quite quickly – impressed myself really.

I suppose if nothing else, a weekend run is always a possibility. At least that would be every seven days, rather than every twelve.

4 thoughts on “More running re-evaluation – the dark nights draw closer

  1. If time is against you and you are trying to increase you speed, consider an adaption of one of the workouts that is in my program at the moment:
    5 min jog to warm up
    200m sprint – no need for Usain Bolt type speed, but run a definite margin quicker than you’d usually run. I ‘sprint’ about 1m per km quicker than my usual pace.
    400m jog to recover
    Repeat the 200m sprint and 400m recovery, finishing with a 5min jog and stretch.

    Build up the repeats, you might only start with two or three sprints, but try to add one more every week. It is a great workout and only takes about 30mins.

    My other suggestion would be try running in your lunch hour if the darkness is becoming a problem and your new office has changing facilities.

    Somehow I don’t think either of these suggestions will go down well! 😉

  2. Somehow I don’t think either of these suggestions will go down well!

    Hehe. I’ll program your workout into my Runkeeper app and see what happens 🙂

    I would consider running at lunchtime, the big ol’ red face isn’t such of a problem now, but I’m not sure there are any facilities. I will ask!

  3. I agree with Amy and Richard here.

    Funnily enough I ran last night with similar thoughts of it being dark and cold … was in full running gear (jacket & running pants) for the first time this year! I have slacked off since my race in September, so I’m running for fun now.

    It is a little harder to find the time when it gets darker and colder, so weekends are often a good time. Perhaps try Sundays now the off season is coming?

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