Friday Five – Thoughts on Strictly Come Dancing contestants

* For thoughts on the 2012 batch of Strictly celebrities, read the latest post here! *

I don’t watch that much reality TV. At the moment, I’m favouring The Great British Bake-Off, which is hard to class as reality TV because everyone involved is so nice and friendly, and it’s just like a giant tea party every week. Strictly Come Dancing returns tonight, and that is a show I do watch.

I can’t stand Tess or Bruce, I don’t like the pointless results show, I think the singing is atrocious, and the judging can be embarrassing. One of the best bits about the actual format of the show itself was Claudia on It Takes Two, and she’s not even doing that this year.

What I do like, though, is the partnerships between the dancers and the celebrities, and the dancing itself. Which I suppose is what it is ultimately all about. So, here are the five celebrities I’m watching for this year.

  1. Anita Dobson
    Last year, I was always quite irritated that Pamela Stephenson was always introduced and referenced as the wife of Billy Connelly. And then he would be sitting in the audience smiling and waving and the focus was on him rather than her. That makes me quite the hypocrite because this year I can’t wait to see the lovely Brian May. He’d better be there supporting her, and they’d better show him!
  2. Holly Valance
    Really, I have to support Holly because Mr C likes her and it means I might get away with watching more Strictly stuff around him, if someone he actually likes remains in the competition. Also, she’s dancing with Artem and I loved Artem last year.
  3. Harry from McFly
    I quite liked McFly a few years ago, but I’ve no idea what they’ve been doing recently. Harry was always my favourite, although tucked away at the back behind the drums so you could barely see him. I think Harry took part in one of the charity specials for Children in Need, didn’t he? He’ll have a head start. I also can’t wait to hear the Strictly singers murdering a McFly tune.
  4. Jason Donovan
    Jason appears to have two left feet but makes up for it in energy. I don’t really have any specific reasons for wanting him to do well, but he seems quite likeable  and enthusiastic.
  5. Alex Jones
    I’m only vaguely aware of Alex Jones because she replaced that woman off The One Show and people commented on how they looked exactly the same. I’ve just recently decided I like her because her training video showed that she was having quite a lot of fun.

Last year, I watched everything Strictly related I could get my hands on, but this year, I’m secretly glad that I won’t watch It Takes Two, and that really my only investment is the Saturday night show. Gooo Brian! Anita!

22 thoughts on “Friday Five – Thoughts on Strictly Come Dancing contestants

  1. I think Harry was only given a week’s practice compared to the two everyone else got, so he wasn’t seen as having an advantage.

    Go Harry! 😉

  2. Yep, Harry missed a week’s training, as did Kara last year, who had also done the comic relief special. She also didn’t dance the samba on strictly, which was the dance she had learned for comic relief.

    Jade Johnson had also done a comic relief special, but didn’t have to give up a week’s training in her year on the show.

  3. I very much agree with your top 5, especially after watching all 14.. And I am glad to be in long distance at the moment, so I can watch it on my Saturday night. I actually saw Brian May in the musical We Will Rock You 2 years ago in London, on the night they say goodbye to the cast of the year before. The more of him the better! One surprise last week though: Chelsee really did much better than I had anticipated!

  4. I actually saw Brian May in the musical We Will Rock You 2 years ago in London, on the night they say goodbye to the cast of the year before. The more of him the better!

    I’m very jealous! I saw WWRY five times and there was neither hide nor hair of any Queen peoples 🙂

  5. Strictly Come Dancing is supposed to be a show about dancing, yet the panel (and the public) are OTT about Russell the ‘stargazer’ who sached across the room in a silly white suit wearing a silly expression.
    If it’s entertainment we’re all looking for OK but this is meant to be a dance competition!
    Nancy danced better, yet received absolute approprium from the pouting Australian wallaby and that old misery Len Goodman who just ‘assassinated’ her attempts.
    Shame on them both.

  6. I was very angry at James Jordan on last nites Strictly. Is he trying to take the “Bad Boy” Crown from Brendan? His moaning about the judges commenting on the professionals choreography was immature to say the least, and his heckling Len was totally out of order! James should remember he’s being paid to teach dancing, and the judges are being paid to comment on what they see!
    James should also keep in mind what happened to the other “husband and wife” team on Strictly, and remember that viewers won’t take kindly to his childish and churlish behaviour on air. If he doesn’t want to go down the same path as Darren Bennett and Lila Kopilova, he should do exactly what Len said last nite ” turn up, put up and shut up!”

  7. Aliona – when are u going to listen to the Judges – you are getting the same comments as last year with Mat – Harry “CAN DANCE” why don’t you let him.

  8. Aliona – when are you going to listen to the Judges comments – you had the same comments last year with Mat – Harry “CAN DANCE” why don’t you let him.

  9. I also thought the judges were very unfair on the comments to Nancy – she did try!!
    Don’t want Jason to be top of the leaderboard again – he has an edge on most celebreties with his musicals – give the others a fair chance!!

  10. Is it just me, but did anyone else consider Robbie Savage’s pelvic thrusts completely inappropriate to the point of obscenity, especially on such a programme at such a time?

  11. I can do without the Halloween stuff. What’s strange is that on Halloween it is fine to scare kids with death, blood and gore, and encourage them out onto the streets to do tricks on others; fine to encourage them to think about the occult etc… If it is fine on this day why not every day? (…Because it would be called child abuse and criminal nuisance…)
    In the year of riots, as well as 25th anniversary of Childline – why is Strictly having anything to do with this?
    Please, not next year!

  12. Amanda-Jean: totally agree it is SCD not ‘let me entertain you’ but I do agree with most of Craig’s comments.
    Amanda: Yes, JJ was out of order.
    LesleyL3: Did youhear me yelling at Aliona to JUST LET HARRY DANCE?
    Harry: I agree, inappropriate and unnecessary particularly in judges faces.

  13. hi what was th matter with jasons dance saturday nite as a member of the public i thought it was very romantic and it held you fixed till the end

  14. I think it is time Len Goodman stepped down. He is getting far to full of himself. His tantrum this week really showed his true colours and he should remember that this is a family programme.

  15. Len full of himself? What of ‘Sir’ Bruce then? Can’t forego any opportunity to blow his own trumpet. And then those STUPID jokes … (he even admits they’re stupid, but stills tells them). Please, PLEASE, get rid of Bruce.

  16. Now, I’m not a professional judge but even I can see the mistakes that Chelsee is making -yet she’s getting rave reviews and points to boot! Could they make it any more obvious they want her in the final?

  17. Get rid of that stupid old fart Forsyth, it’s way over time he realised he isn’t funny and that the show is about the celebs and their partners, not him and his ridiculous attempts to be funny

  18. The winner for 2012, no contest, Darcy Bussell and Ian Waite …… dancing to Adele’s Set fire to the rain no one , but no one, will come close……

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