The missing link

A while back, Mr C and I went on a sojourn to the south coast to take some pictures. Actually, we went there with the specific intention to take pictures and publish them live on the go, forming a workflow as we went. I wrote more about the process we decided upon over on Sidepodcast, but we’ve now hit upon a snag.

Posterous have gone through something of a revamp, changing their website and apps to be completely different. I’m not really sure what they’re going for, adding in social networking functionality, I suppose, but all it has done is made it impossible to navigate. The website seems to take forever to load, and the app has spinning load wheels even when it’s not doing anything.

Taking Posterous out of the equation leaves something of a hole in our workflow. It was:

  • Take picture
  • Use camera kit to get photo from SD card to iPad
  • Edit photo using fun and fab iPad apps
  • Use MiniMifi to upload to Posterous
  • Posterous spreads the love to Twitter, etc.

We went out for a meal last night after the race, and tried out some new apps. Without Posterous, it means posting to Twitter, Google+ and Facebook all separately. Each have their respective pros and cons, and I can confidently say that posting to all three was quicker than fathoming out the revamped Posterous, but it does make things a bit awkward.

I particularly liked the functionality of Twitter and G+, wherein it’s as simple as writing a status update and attaching a picture. We tried exporting from the Luminance app, where you could direct a photo straight to Facebook – but that was a bit more clunky, and ended up in a strange album all by itself.

We’re still experimenting and exploring the options, and it is fabulous fun… aside from the odd strange look from the waiter.

3 thoughts on “The missing link

  1. Spaces seems to want to be a Social Media site rather than a micro blog. My understanding was that you _could_ create Spaces to segregate what you share with whom but it isn’t mandatory. I haven’t had any issues with loading the updated app but I must say, I did prefer the simpler Posterous of before

  2. I think there is a definite niche for a site while allows you to control updates across Twitter, Google+ and Facebook (if you use all three) rather than having to post individually. At the moment I primarily just use twitter for my drivel as I can’t be bothered with going to the effort of re-posting everything in multiple places.

    Having a Blogger blog, does make it easy to post my by blogs onto Google+

  3. Having a Blogger blog, does make it easy to post my by blogs onto Google+

    That’s interesting, I hadn’t thought of that link. There’s also more to come from the Hangouts/YouTube link as well, I reckon.

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