The Killing – Series 1 (Part 2)

It’s taken me a little longer than I had hoped but finally, I have seen the last ten episodes of The Killing. I wrote some brief and quite vague notes about the first ten previously, but now I know how the story ends I can talk in more detail. There are spoilers ahead, so look away now if you have yet to enjoy the drama of The Killing.

The mystery is solved and we know it was Vagn. After many twists and turns, and suspect after suspect – some very wide of the mark – Sarah Lund finally got her man. In the first ten episodes, I never would have suspected Vagn. Gradually, he looked to be more and more in the frame but still the story twisted away from him. That moment, when he had been questioned and returned to the workshop was brilliant. Theis and Pernille would not let him take the boys to the toy shop, even though he protested his innocence and they should have known better, the look on his face broke my heart a little bit.

I wonder if the actors knew the end result as they went along, or if they were as much in the dark as we were.

I still don’t completely understand his motivation, but having done it before, Vagn was clearly not quite right anyway. I wish that he hadn’t been killed at the end, that is probably my only disappointment in the whole series. It would have been better for him to go through the justice process, but Theis had some rage to work through. How sad for Pernille to return home to her two boys and the dog that revealed all. Are they going to keep that dog? Won’t it have some bad memories associated with it?

Sarah Lund figured it out before everyone else, but no one would listen to her, because they suspected her of killing her partner. (Can’t believe they killed off Meyer, I really missed him in the last few episodes.) It’s hardly surprising really. She was really going off the rails towards the end, and although we knew that she didn’t do anything wrong, I could totally understand why those around her were suspicious. I hope Bengt steps in and looks after her for a bit.

In my last post, I suspected there was some bigger conspiracy at work, and whilst there were top bods asking them to cover up some of the City Hall shenanigans, it was nowhere near as big as I’d anticipated. I actually preferred the new bloke that was in charge of the investigation – he was stern but fair, and he believed Sarah even though he had to do his job.

The political side of the story also wrapped up nicely. I say nicely, but really it meant a lot of people looking moody and then turning on their smiles when they stepped in front of the camera. I did lose the plot a little with the City Hall stuff – the politics does boggle my mind sometimes. Did Rie not do anything wrong then? Is he going to apologise to her? I still don’t like her, but I felt sorry for her when she was crying. Sometimes I felt sorry for Troels, sometimes I didn’t think he was a particularly nice man, and I’m still not sure where I stand on that matter.

With all the puzzles solved – in as satisfactory a way as you can manage when there have been so many deaths throughout – Sarah Lund walked out of the dark police station and into the daylight. The first time we have seen any proper light for the entire series. If you were in any doubt that this was the end, then a glimpse of blue sky should have convinced you.

However, after the end credits, we were given a glimpse of another murder scene. Sarah Lund is back. With a final “Good to see you” from the boss, we are left to wait for series 2.

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  1. I finished watching this on Saturday. I was slightly rushing whilst watching the last episode, so didn’t have time to rewind… Which has left me wondering about some of the loose ends a bit. The main one being what the heck the politicians flat was all about. Why was Vagn there? What connection did he have with that flat? How did he get the keys etc?

    The whole politics thing confused me too. It didn’t seem to tie in with the ending. Perhaps I need to watch the last couple of episodes again.

  2. Ooh, good questions. Let’s think this through… this could be wrong but here’s what I recall.

    1) Nanna forgot her passport, left it at the flat.
    2) She went and talked to the politician guy that was caught on CCTV. Either she already had keys to the flat, or he let her borrow his.
    3) She goes to the flat, just missing Troels who has left his car keys behind.
    4) Vagn tracks her down – maybe calls her or follows her? – because he’s angry that she’s leaving and clearly a little bit crazy.
    5) He moves her from the flat to the house using the campaign car.
    6) House to woods. Car in river.
    7) Enter Sarah Lund.

    That may be how it went, although the question that raises is if the guy gave her his keys to the flat and never tried to recover them. She must have had her own set.

  3. Thanks. I get a bit confused with who she was dating, and who exactly left which car were. I feel like rewatching it, to plug the gaps, but at 20 hours that would be a lot of effort. Plus I’ve deleted them all off the PVR now.

    It was a very good show though.

  4. Christine’s summary was pretty much it. I’ll just fill out the info a bit

    2) Nanna went to City Hall to get the keys from Jens. Jens persuaded one of the Education civil servants to get the flat keys, which gave him access to the computer at the flat. This was how he got access to the dating site account that Troels had set up. Jens killed the Civil Servant by running him over outside City Hall because the police were asking questions about the consultancy fees and the Civil Servant realised he had been duped.

    4) Nanna was in the cab of a guy that worked occasionally for he father and so knew Vagn. Whilst not explicit, there is a suggestion that Vagn saw her get in the taxi (the statement from her boyfriend), so knew the driver, calling him to find out where Nanna was going. It’s possible that Vagn followed then and told the taxi driver to leave. It was obvious that Vagn was threatening the taxi driver and possibly killed him but we never fully got that part of the story.

    The keys question wasn’t fully answered but Jens went to meet Nanna at Kastrup airport, not realising that she was to travel across the Øresundsbroen to Malmö. As Nanna was going back to Copenhagen Central Station to get the Øresund train she may have been planning to drop the keys back at City Hall. (The flat is close to the Citadel and the City Hall is on the route to Central Station. It’s also about a ten minute walk from City Hall to Central Station).

    Additionally Troels is now being manipulated by Morten. Morten gave Troels his alibi, but he also went to the flat and saw the blood and signs of struggle, making an assumption that Troels was guilty and cleaned up enough to not draw attention to the flat but not enough to destroy evidence that might implicate Troels. Morten didn’t like the amount of influence that Rie had and used his knowledge to get rid of her, whilst also ensuring his position with Troels is secure.

    Whilst much of the politics was secondary to the main plot about Nanna, it served to show how knowledge and the ways it could be manipulated were the foundation of power and was nicely juxtaposed against the police investigation were the manipulation of knowledge determined who looked to be the most likely suspect. In the end we saw that there is no such thing as absolute truth.

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