Baby Panda Thursday #97

I am a terrible artist. I can see things in my head, but there is some kind of communication lost between my imagination and my hand, so that a pencil drawing ends up looking terrible.

Nevertheless, I recently got lost in a world of “how to draw” videos on YouTube, and when I realised it was Baby Panda Thursday today, I thought the two things would combine quite nicely.

First, I followed this video, but I must admit, my panda looks nothing like theirs. It’s not particularly cute, and looks like its wearing Speedos, with polo mints for feet.

I loved how easy this one was, how quickly it came together, and I enjoyed drawing in pen instead of pencil. My tree does look a bit like a road though.

Finally, I got a bit overambitious. I don’t really know anything about shading, so I was just trying my best to copy his work and hoping it might look okay. The right hand side of the panda went very wonky. In the tutorial, the end of the arm is hidden behind a bamboo leaf but my bamboo didn’t reach that far.

Also, the feet ended up a bit like those monster feet slippers, which I used to own a pair of.

I quite like this one, but erm, I won’t give up the day job.

4 thoughts on “Baby Panda Thursday #97

  1. The top and bottom one had circles involved that later became eyes and feet and things. I am not good at visualising shapes to become what I want though.

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