Doctor Who: Series 6, Episode 8 – Let’s Kill Hitler!

Let’s come at this from the very beginning then. At the end of the last half of the series, I said I wasn’t bothered about watching the rest. I knew I was going to watch this first episode to see where they took it, but the rest was up for grabs. As much as I love the Doctor, there are other ways I can spend an hour on a Saturday night.

The beginning of this second half of series six was highly trailed and touted by the BBC, but I tried to ignore the hype and the teasers and come at it afresh. The title of the episode had me a little concerned, but as it turns out, Hitler only appears in it for a couple of minutes. Although, for one of those minutes he is speaking English, which is odd. The TARDIS is nowhere in sight either.

The crop circle thing was excellent. I love the new and innovative ways that the Ponds have found to contact the Doctor. Then Mels appeared and I was suspicious. It was fantastic to see little Amelia again, and great to see how the relationship between Amy and Rory developed, but who was this Mels and why hadn’t we heard about her before? She seemed shoehorned in. I was happy to go with it, but it grated a little bit – particularly as the whole of Amy’s first episode was about how no one had believed her stories growing up.

Then it turns out that Mels is Amy’s daughter named Melody after Amy’s best friend who turns out to be her daughter, named Melody after… repeat. No wonder she was shoehorned in.

When that madness was happening in Hitler’s room, where Melody said Benjamin, and was trying to kill the Doctor and the gun turned into a banana and stuff… my head was going to explode. I didn’t like it. I really thought I was going to switch off. Thankfully, it got much better after that.

People inside people is always going to be a winner with me. Numskulls all the way. Everyone was running through corridors, corridors that looked suspiciously like those hideous ones that were used for the TARDIS in the previous episode.

Rory had the most excellent lines in this episode. I think Arthur mentioned that he loved getting to punch Hitler, but getting to say: “Shut up, Hitler,” and more importantly, “I’m putting Hitler in the cupboard,” now that is a good episode to be in. Amy seemed a lot more cuddly in this hour, clinging on to Rory more than we’ve previously seen. Perhaps it is becoming a mother, perhaps it is just everything the pair have been through. It was different, and it was intriguing.

I particularly enjoyed Rory’s answer to whether he could ride a motorbike: “I expect so, it’s that kind of day.”

Really, aside from the moment of madness in Hitler’s office, the only downer of this episode for me was the constant pain the Doctor was in. It’s so much better when he’s bouncing around and having fun, I’m not sure I’m keen on seeing him be tortured for half an episode.

In the end, I assume, Melody Pond has become River Song and is all good now. Although we have another naming circle. Is she called River Song because the Doctor called her that because that’s how he knew her later when she was already called it because the Doctor called her that or… repeat.

We assume that she is good and is ready to help the Doctor on his future adventures. She’s used up all her regenerations, which explains why she has always looked the same when we’ve seen her, and why she died in the library. Is she really good though? Rory asks the question. Someone is going to kill the Doctor, and now we know someone who has been trying to kill the Doctor. Are the two things connected? That’s the unanswered question right now. Thankfully, it is one of the few remaining mysteries. That, and the Silence.

What is the question The Silence want asked?

In conclusion, this episode seemed to have five times more content than the cliffhanger at the end of the first half of series six, but handled it so much better. It’s not perfect, it’s still not a patch on series 5, but I will be tuning in this time next week.

13 thoughts on “Doctor Who: Series 6, Episode 8 – Let’s Kill Hitler!

  1. I wonder if the Doctor has more regenerations than the original number if he has taken River’s ones, seeing as we know she dies in her current form at the Library. Interesting little train of thought I reckon that might open up in the future to use as an excuse…

    Fantastic episode though. Just so good to watch and a proper return to form.

  2. Hitler was speaking English (and the other Nazi for that matter) because of the Tardis translation which has been referenced a LOT, and happens to anyone who’s travelled in the Tardis 🙂 This is why they can understand and speak every language of every world/time they visit. They (and we) hear it as English but in fact they’re hearing and speaking the language of wherever they are…Bit like the babel fish in Hitchhikers 🙂 Hope that helps!

  3. Yea, I’m aware of the translation but I don’t believe the TARDIS was anywhere near at the time. The speed it was coming in, it must have been a way off when Hitler said his lines.

    I guess it’s the explanation Moffat will go for though.

  4. Ah, get ya. Um, artistic licence?! Loved it, really entertaining episode

    Absolutely! I’m happy to let the TARDIS thing go for the sake of what was a great episode 🙂

  5. I don’t think the Tardis actually has to be in the same room with you. It seems like it’s always connected to everyone even when it’s not around. Think of all the times it has been taken away totally out of the story, like when Donna and the Doctor were in Rome. The Tardis staying in place.

  6. That’s true. I guess I was also thinking of Tennant’s first episode (because I just watched it!) and the translation thing didn’t work unless the Doctor was awake and happy, even though the TARDIS was right there. He was awake this time, so I’ll chalk it up to artistic licence and get over it 🙂

  7. Just watched now. And I must admit, two thoughts, what did happen to Hitler? The guy just got chucked into a cupboard and no one was kind enough to get him out… actually, on second thoughts,… I’d probably do the same.

    Secondly, wasn’t the TARDIS in the same room as Hitler? It was quite close to his desk I thought, so, I’m not sure.

    Overall though, it was okay, I wasn’t blown away by it all, but explained a few things. Didn’t like the way Mels had been used, all a bit confusing for me, I mean, how had she got to be in the same place as Amy considering she had previously been a toddler in New York, and was only a few years older when they were friends.

    Next week looks good, proper scary and stuff, yay!

  8. Secondly, wasn’t the TARDIS in the same room as Hitler? It was quite close to his desk I thought, so, I’m not sure.

    It came crashing in the window. But a couple of minutes before that, he spoke to the weird robot machine thing. “What are you doing here?” Or something like that. A few menacing moments later and then the TARDIS comes bursting in. After that, the English made sense, I just wasn’t sure about beforehand. It wouldn’t have been too much to say it in German and subtitle it.

    But perhaps the TARDIS’ reach is further than I think.

  9. I had the same thought about Hitler talking but I wondered if the time traveling justice Numbskulls who were in the robot were translating Hitler when we first saw him?

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