More ways to digitally scrapbook

When I was younger, I hoarded magazines, and would cut nice stuff out and paste them into books. Mmm, nice stuff.

I’ve just found the site Polyvore, which essentially allows you to do that but in a digital fashion. I’ve seen people doing this for ages, sometimes they call them mood boards, but I just think it’s fun. Polyvore provides you with a gazillion choices, whether it is fashion or interior design, or just something a little bit arty, and you piece together the bits you like to form a full outfit or a room.

We’ve already established that I’m not great on the fashion front, and I was just playing when I put this together. It’s using a template, which you can select from a score of thousands, or you can start with just a blank page, like I did for this interior one.

I can’t imagine it’s something I’m going to do a lot of, but I love the concept, and there are tons of far more creative people who have posted hundreds of sets to browse through. If you sign up, you get to start creating straight away, and your published items will appear on your own page (mine is here), and you can like and follow other people who have similar tastes to you.

It’s also nice that if you see something you like, you can hover over it and find the source, where you can buy it and how much. So far, everything is far too expensive for my tastes, but hey, perhaps this is a digital version of window shopping as well as scrapbooking.

2 thoughts on “More ways to digitally scrapbook

  1. I love the idea of this… I didn’t spot that you could do home furnishings…

    I definitely enjoyed the home furnishings bit more than the clothes. Fashion is not my strong point 🙂

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