Hi ho Aston Villa

You’ll remember that earlier in the year I went to my first (and probably only) football match, and somehow became an Aston Villa fan. I vaguely followed what they were doing for a few weeks, and then sort of lost touch until the season ended. Mr C and I watched the occasional Match of the Day update, but even then only if we happened to be in the right place at the right time – it’s not allowed on the iPlayer.

However, new Premier League stuff is about to begin again, and that means I get a second chance to do a better job of being an AV fan.

I have downloaded the app.

I have browsed the BBC for news, and learnt that:

  1. Ashley Young has gone, which means the people who were beside us at the football match and screamed at “Youngy!” every time he came near, they’ll be bitterly disappointed.
  2. Brad Friedl has also gone. That is annoying because I have a picture of him which is now out of date.
  3. N’Zogbia has arrived. I do not know how to say this name.
  4. Some other people have moved in and out. I don’t know who they are.
  5. No one likes the new manager.
  6. Aston Villa are currently second in the league. Because the alphabet is awesome.

I swiped a pocket size guide from someone else’s newspaper, and it has dates of when they’re playing and stuff. It also has a big picture of Ashley Young, which is unfortunate.

I have even downloaded some football related podcasts (although I do not promise to listen to them).

I have Aston Villa gloves, although it is still summer.

I can’t fail!

6 thoughts on “Hi ho Aston Villa

  1. I think that as long as you don’t call him Insomnia, he won’t mind. Also, that’s a wonderful picture of Friedel. His replacement is very good and buying him was a good bit of business for Villa. (Seriously Man City, I know you’re rich but 3.5 Mill for Given!!)

  2. His replacement is very good and buying him was a good bit of business for Villa.

    I am making a mental note of this so I can sound smart next time I talk about football 🙂

  3. N’Zogbia is pronounced somewhere between Inzogbia and Enzogbia. Or if you prefer In zog bee ah.

    One of the problems with being a football fan is that players constantly change clubs. It’s always annoying when one of your favourite players leaves and worse if he goes to a rival club. Sometimes even when someone from a rival club joins your own he is not popular. Just like the new Villa manager. But if he wins the first few games all will be forgiven.

  4. Freidel has of course gone to the greatest team of all time and is now part of four keepers in the first team squad, Spurs make sense. Lots of bloomin sense.

    Don’t call N’Zogbia, Insomnia by the way, that got him a bit cross with Joe Kinnear when he was at Newcastle.

    And can I enquire in what podcast you have downloaded? Some are good, some are… sort of good.

  5. “5Live and the Guardian.”

    Guardian is very good. Although I can’t stand Barry Glendenning. Never tried 5Live actually, have too many as it is.

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