The good and the bad of the 1970s

What I love about the repeats of Top of the Pops on BBC Four is seeing the 1970s for all the good and bad of music, fashion, and taste. Rather than the golden era montages, where the best and the iconic are selected for a rose-tinted package, this is full repeats of TOTP programmes that were running in 1976.

It’s incredible. Noel Edmonds pretends to be a cameraman!

There are Pans People, or Legs & Co, or whatever it is they are called this week! I like the one with the long hair.

I’d get the dancers in over some of the acts. Double denim, just sitting with a less than fantabulous song. But there is a big star!

And there are even weirdo videos!

There are songs I know and songs I don’t, songs that get stuck in my head even though I’ve never heard them before, and songs I’d be very glad never to hear again.

It’s such a shame Top of the Pops is no more. It’s understandable, given the way charts are going these days, but it just means in 40 years time, there will be nothing for people to look back on.

Long live nostalgia!