Not so much paper and pen, as iPad and pen

One of Mr C’s biggest complaints with the iPod and iPad stems from the idea of touching the screen and your big thumbs getting in the way. Particularly when you are playing games, controlling whatever is on screen with your not-particularly-see-through-hands can be tricky.

It’s a valid complaint, although I always argue that the ease of the iPad far outweighs a technical little issue like that.

We were perusing some iPad accessories and stumbled across the AluPen from Just Mobile. I’m not very knowledgeable in the world of styluses… styli… style… pen type things, and this does just seem to be a regular point and touch device with no bells and whistles.

I like the end, it’s a bit squishy, and I’ve tried it out, prodding at my iPad. It’s quite fun. I might use it myself. It was particularly useful for playing Flight Control, which can be a bit tough on the fingers if played for rather too long.

It’s going to be an interesting experiment, to see if this is something that does actually make the iPad more appealing to Mr C, or more comfortable for a heavy user like me, or if it is another of those gizmos that ends up tucked away in a drawer somewhere.

9 thoughts on “Not so much paper and pen, as iPad and pen

  1. Ohhh that’s a really neat gadget. I can see the attraction of it for an ipad owner. kinda want an ipad of my own to try it out!

  2. And I find that I don’t use it because unlike my fingers it isn’t always there.

    That’s true. It’s sitting on my desk now, I don’t suppose I would take it out and about with me.

  3. i love it. bit fatter than i’d ideally like, it doesn’t feel like it’ll handle detail very well. but it’s thinner than my finger and that makes a huge difference.

  4. I have quite a thin pen, but the tip is still quite fat. But remember the screen doesn’t have that much resolution built in because it’s not expecting tiny fingers so I don’t think they can make it really fine.

  5. Does the ipad (or other tablets, i guess) have any software where you can pen over typed documents? Tablets won’t be useful to me until I can scrawl handwriting and editor’s marks over documents.

    Seeing the pen made me think of that. I’ve got a windows laptop/tablet hybrid and it really needs the ability to have a scrawling layer over documents.

  6. Does the ipad (or other tablets, i guess) have any software where you can pen over typed documents?

    I’m not sure that it does, but I can see how that would be useful.

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