Taste Twenty Trial – 8. Lucozade Sport Energy Gel

Whilst watching Wimbledon this year, Mr C questioned what those tennis players were consuming when they squeezed little gel packets into their mouths.

I assumed they were some kind of gel thing for top sportspeople, but then I realised they sell them in the supermarket. We decided to try some.

Eww. I mean, I wasn’t expecting a sweet treat or anything but this was not good. It tasted like medicine, and as a gel it was all gooey and gross. I didn’t particularly feel any extra energy but then I wasn’t in the midst of a mammoth tennis game either.

I bought two, but after trying the Lucozade one, I couldn’t bring myself to try the other one. It is still sitting on my desk, flaunting it’s strawberry and banana label at me. I dread to think what that one is like.

If there weren’t a million other reasons why I could never be a tennis player, this certainly would be a deal-breaker.

4 thoughts on “Taste Twenty Trial – 8. Lucozade Sport Energy Gel

  1. My cousin did a biiiiggg big ride recently from lands end to Kent, half way through they met a pro bike couch person who helps olympic cyclists train. He gave them a load of these gel things and they found, despite how disgusting they tasted, that they helped. He said that the day after he started taking them it was easier to get going in the morning/they felt less tired. can’t imagine i’d happily buy some tho, they didn’t look too tastey

  2. There is no getting away from the fact they don’t taste very nice, but the mix of hydration salts and carbohydrates are invaluable during endurance events. I take five during a marathon. You can’t carry much when running so their concentrated nature is ideal

    I think it’s a good thing you didn’t like them. I see a lot of people drinking Gatorade, Powerade etc… who haven’t been anywhere near a gym. They are designed for athletes and you’d soon get pretty fat if you started eating them as a snack!

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