I love Monopoly but I am not good at it

I’ve just started playing Monopoly on the iPad and I’m enjoying it. Actually that’s not true, I’m hating it because I’ve played twice – both on the easy setting – and I’ve lost both times. I swear the AI is cheating. However, if you ignore my uselessness at Monopoly, the app is really cool.

There are animations that make the dice rolling and piece moving fun, but you can fast forward them if you’re not interested in watching the dog gallop forward. Not having to calculate the money is brilliant and I think it is that part that makes playing Monopoly electronically a lot quicker than the board version.

As with most iPad board games, you can pass and play, or network, you can have up to four players, and you can change a whole host of settings. I particularly enjoy that you can tailor the rules to the way you are used to playing. There are always arguments when you play Monopoly with someone new – do you put money under Free Parking, how many houses before a hotel, and whether you get double money for landing on Go or just the normal amount. Having these options allow you to tweak the game to be the Monopoly you know and love.

Although I don’t love it. I hate it. Last time I played I had 75% of the board and still lost. Look.

I was blue, but clearly losing. Mortgaged properties, a minus figure in the bank, and not a single house or hotel in sight.

Stupid game. I think it’s because I was playing as the Prius. Yea, I don’t know why there is a Prius as an option. I should have chosen the racing car instead.

13 thoughts on “I love Monopoly but I am not good at it

  1. Monopoly was created for the following reasons:

    a) to have your home made crystal maze with all the fake money
    b) to feel successful but then fall apart miserably as someone upstages you and takes your money
    c) to go off in a strop in the end.

    Whilst a is impossible with the iOS apps sadly, the final two are represented perfectly even if it’s the ai who destroys you.Not played the iPad one like yourself Christine but I totally feel for you with my iPod version when you feel like you are being destroyed by this little machine. These machines just do far too well!

  2. I love Monopoly.

    We once played a game with my parents, brother and sister-in-law in a lovely boathouse by a lake in Canada. My brother was caught cheating, my Mum went to bed in a huff and nobody spoke for nigh on 48 hours.

    As I say, I love Monopoly.

  3. I can promise you it’s not cheeting. I can win against the hardest setting 75% of the time. There are certain ways to play monopoly that once you learn improve your chances of winning immensely. The only problem is the computer knows a lot of them.

    Maybe we can play a game so I can show you 🙂

  4. I like Monopoly too though I haven’t had chance to play it for years (my parents lost interest in board games about a decade ago). My house’s rules for the questions you asked, incidentally, were: free parking never had any money because fines and so on went to the bank, 4 houses before a hotel (which could only be bought 1 house per property per turn and had to be done in sequence, so no jumping from 2 houses to a hotel), normal amount for landing on “Go” (which according to house legend was a cursed square because the dice somehow always ended up 1-3 next turn, landing the player on the income tax). I remember crying the first time I played it though, because I rolled 10 and thought I’d ended my very first turn of the game in jail (turned out that was “just visiting”…)

    The only other electronic version I know was for the Commodore 64 which somehow managed to be about three times slower than playing it with human beings (arguments and all). It’s good to see there’s a computerised version

  5. Must run in the family. As a boy I played dozens of different board games and despite a high success rate with most, I don’t ever remember winning Monopoly. That’s why later in life I never liked playing it with you and mum ’cause I never won then either!!

  6. Here are my top tips:

    1. Imagine winning the Orange Property group as the goal of the game. Forget almost everything else. Trade like crazy to get the Orange property group
    2. The light blue group are the only other thing you really want, and even that is second.
    3. Never accept an offer of trade at the first offer, always put more property or money on, same when offering a trade to somebody put extra money on and slowly take it off, the computer doesn’t mind being asked lots of times, it doesn’t go off in a huff.
    4. Really the Orange Set… That’s the key. The Orange set gets landed on more than any other set, it’s crucial.
    5. Build houses early, you want to keep some walking around money like £100 but you can have less if you have unmortaged properties. Don’t mortgage to build and mortgage non-set properties way before you consider selling back a house.
    6. Buy everything you land on if you have the money, but think of what you are buying as bargaining chips for the orange and light blues
    7. The most dangerous time is if you haven’t got a foothold in the orange set and two players have properties there, if you aren’t careful they will trade and suddenly one player will have 2 properties in that set and you’ll be finished. Trade straight money for a property like £500 to get one orange if you must to stop that from happening.
    8. Yeah… The secret is the orange set, I don’t know if I mentioned it 🙂
  7. Absolutely agree with Alex. Orange is the key. The statistics agree with it too!

    I think light blue is a bit overrated. I like that it’s cheap, but it rarely generates a lot of revenue for me. I like red more.

    I love the tips, Alex! Should try that next time! 🙂

  8. The Light blue is great as a backup because it really doesn’t cost much to develop on I think. Red has the most landed on property in it, but it isn’t as landed on set which is, of course, Orange. The reason I favour Orange and Light blue is that they are at the end of each side. Each side has the same price of house (and hotel) all the way along, but the second set gives you much more rent than the first set does. Take a look, with Red to build 3 hotels you are paying as much as you are to build 3 hotels on yellow and the rent is much lower, yes more people land on Red, but it still seems like the Red takes too much money away from building on Orange.

    Many of these tactics are still true in the real game, but remember when playing against the computer you can really just get whatever set you want there aren’t some players who just really LOVE purple. Their rationality is their weakness in some ways, and their strength in others.

  9. ps. the essence of my point is yes light blue doesn’t generate as much as red, but I feel you are more likely to easily trade your way into having light blue and yellow but trading your way into having orange and red is hard as is getting enough cash to build on both… Which leads to don’t divide your fortunes. even if you have two sets build up to hotels on one before building houses on the second.

  10. I love Monopoly.. unless I lose. 🙂

    I agree the oranges are key. I try and take control of an entire side or corner if I can, make a ‘death row’ of houses to rake the money in!

    I have seen games won and lost on the purples, if someone lands on a hotel there it is worth the huge investment – but someone has to land there. I’ve won games that way, and lost games that way, paying out rent waiting for someone to reach me..

  11. One extra thing specific to this game is that it lets you trade and build after you roll. So say you have a bit of money saved because you know you’re about to go past some houses. Well if you pass them now you can build. Don’t build at the begining of the turn, land on something and have to pay to sell your houses. Selling back houses wastes lots of money.

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