5k Sub 30, Week 1 – Break into the first week gently

Here we go then, the first week of a new Runkeeper Class, and all fingers crossed that it’s going to be more successful than the last one. Just two runs to break into the first week gently.

Week 1, Day 3

First workout was four minutes running, one walk, and repeat x3. You can see the bumps that are the walks, but overall it was a lot faster than any other runs I’ve attempted. Not quite my fastest average pace ever, I think, but a good start. It was pretty comfortable, but I’d expect so being that short. Mmm, twenty minute run.

Week 1, Day 5

I haven’t seen such an up and down graph for ages… fun! This programme included a five minute slow run warmup, then proper fast runs punctuated with walking. The walking intervals felt quite long, but then when I tried to run fast, I was definitely wishing I was walking again. The last fast run was rubbish but I blame what turned out to be a not-so-gentle slope.

The next week begins with a “long run” although it’s run/walk/run.

3 thoughts on “5k Sub 30, Week 1 – Break into the first week gently

  1. It’s great to sense a bit more enjoyment in your running posts and not the frustrated resentment that I have previously detected! 😉

    Doing the sprints will definitely help you raise your speed.

  2. Running related things do seem to be a bit brighter at the moment, thank goodness!

    I’m not sure I’d go so far as to say I was sprinting, but I was doing my best 🙂

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