Making a change in thirty days

I’ve mentioned before, many times, how I love Maggie’s outlook on life. She inspired me to create my own Life List and that has been something magical for me. This time the message is – when life is getting you down, turn it around and do something fun for thirty days.


The thirty day idea is such a good one. Who knows where it first came from, but breaking life up into manageable chunks is great, and taking a project a month at a time makes it seem much more achievable.

Here’s the Ted Talk Maggie shared, it’s only short. As a side note, I was playing it and with only the audio as a guide, Mr C recognised Matt Cutts from Google. I don’t know what that says about him, really.

The thirty day song challenge doesn’t really seem to cut it as a life-affirming experience. I wonder what I can do for the next thirty days?

3 thoughts on “Making a change in thirty days

  1. matt wrote a whole bunch of formatting code for wordpress, to do with paragraphs and other stuff i think. he doesn’t do it so much these days, but he was once at the forefront of blogging.

  2. I would like to eat a donut every day for 30 days. Not much of a challenge but I’m kind of into donuts at the moment.

  3. Not much of a challenge but I’m kind of into donuts at the moment.

    It might be more challenging towards the end. Talk about a sugar overload!

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