Life is a rollercoaster, and everything’s a remix

A recent post on Kottke linked to the first part of a four-part video series on Vimeo called Everything’s a Remix. It is amazing.

There are only two parts so far, one covering music and one covering films. Mr C and I watched them together and it’s fair to say that both of the videos blew our minds just a little bit.

I’ve never actually seen Star Wars, but nevertheless, I won’t look at it the same way again.

Can’t wait for the final two parts. Of these videos, I mean. Not Star Wars. We’ve had enough of that, I’m sure.

One thought on “Life is a rollercoaster, and everything’s a remix

  1. I watched both of those videos and the are incredible. I learned so much. I know now I could write a book or a film just ripping off well known books or films and no-one will notice or care that I have plagiarised it.

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