iPad 2 Smart Cover – which side is the right side?

The iPad 2 Smart Cover is all kinds of genius, yes. The hidden magnets allow it to snap automatically onto the side of the device. How on earth it does that waking up when you lift just one tiny bit, I don’t know. It’s a cover, that is smart.

However, as the owner of one, I realised a pretty serious flaw. You cover the iPad, and then roll back the cover to become a stand.

Except now the surface you are using to stand on is the exact same surface that is nestled up against the screen when you fold it back. I was going to take my iPad + stand into the kitchen before I realised this wasn’t such a good idea. You might say it was a crumby idea.

It’s fine if you live in a bright white and completely sterile environment as clearly all Apple gadgets do in ad-land. In real life, the smart cover has a design issue that makes it much less useful to me.

5 thoughts on “iPad 2 Smart Cover – which side is the right side?

  1. That is odd… The instruction video is wrong. you are supposed to fold it the other way round so that the synthetic/leather side will be on the outside. :s

  2. Let me try to explain without actually having any visual tools at hand. 😉

    Put the iPad in front of you in a ‘normal’ position, that is to say: with the back-to-mainscreen-button directly below the display and the magnets with which the cover is attached to iPad on the left of the display. According to the instruction video, you have to take the cover and fold it leftwards (aka away from the display) to create the cover standard, although that results in the protective gray layer being on the outside of the standard.

    Howefer, what a shop attendant showed me is the following. When you have the iPad in front of you in the normal position (button below display, magnets on the left of the display), take the cover, pull it off the iPad and open it all the way up so that the cover ends up lying directly to the left of the iPad. Then, take hold off the left-bottom corner of the cover and begin folding it to the right (aka towards the display). You’ll end up with the exact same standard, only with the protective layer on the inside.

    Does this even remotely make sense?

  3. It makes sense, Sandy 🙂

    I can see that it works for the lower angle, but for standing the iPad up at 45 degrees-ish, it doesn’t work at all, the iPad slips forward.

    It’s something of a solution, but definitely not the way it was designed.

  4. I don’t use it much standing up (well, not yet anyway – I’ve only had it since last friday, lol), but you’re right. It does fall over, unless you support the ipad with your free hand. Sort of makes me wonder why the store guy demonstrated it this way then. Maybe they discovered the design flaw and are trying to make light of it?

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