K is for King’s College, Cambridge

I’ve been to Oxford a couple of times, and it seems only fair that, as a Boat Race fan, I visit the other half of the rivalry as well. Cambridge was the first stop on my Alphabet Minibreak, in which I visited three other letters as well. King’s College was first, and to avoid having to drive into the centre, I took the Park & Ride.

Now, me and Park & Ride’s don’t get on too well, but this time it worked out okay. If you don’t count the bit where I waited at the bus station for twenty minutes, only to find the return bus stop was just around the corner.

Still, whilst in Cambridge itself, it’s hard to miss the college.


You can visit a few of the college buildings, but I headed straight for King’s College, and went inside the chapel. I was particularly impressed that their No Photography signs had been adapted to say No Flash Photography. Good call, peoples. Encourage the pictures.


What a sight! Religion is such a complex subject but you can’t argue that it hasn’t produced some amazing architecture! There isn’t an enormous amount to see in the chapel, because it’s all about the main room with it’s massive stained glass windows. You could stand there for an hour, open mouthed, and still not be able to take it in.


There’s a side section guiding you through the history of the chapel, the additions to the building, and the story behind the stained glass.

Once done, I went for a bit of a wander around Cambridge. It’s very beautiful, and walking through the park, watching the boats punt along the river was peaceful. No wonder people are so smart at Cambridge.


They’re smart, but I also did get the feeling that I was just irritating everyone. I do try not to be too touristy, and all the other places I have been, if people are in a hurry, they tend to just barrel along, keeping their heads down. Here I got tutted at, at least twice, and there were bikes pinging their bells everywhere and it really did feel like I was just getting in the way.

That said, it was worth any angst to see the beautiful buildings. What a place to study.

4 thoughts on “K is for King’s College, Cambridge

  1. Looks like a lovely place to visit 🙂 although I always get Cambridge and Canterbury confused…

  2. Seems like they should be teaching good manners in Cambridge.

    Looks like an incredible building

  3. Ack, having been residential there at one point, the tutters and bicycle incapables are generally the visitors (rather than the students – the exceptions being the hooray types who are thankfully far more prevalent at Oxford!).

    You need to plan a return visit to coincide with the science fortnight (next year now) for the op to utterly geek out! Or you could do Philosophy a bit later this year.

    Yep biased, I love Cambridge 🙂

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