P is for pie… well, almost

Whilst on my recent alphabet travels, which I will begin blogging about soon, I found myself in the vicinity of Melton Mowbray. You may or may not have heard of the place, famous for it’s most excellent pork pie recipe.

The Melton Mowbray pie actually has protected origin of status designation, essentially meaning that if a pie says Melton Mowbray on it, you know it’s the real deal.

So, being in the area, I thought it would be rude not to visit and pick up some pies, particularly as Mr C has developed a bit of a taste for them at the moment. There’s only one place you really need to go and that is Dickinson & Morris – so original they even managed to get the URL porkpie.co.uk.

In fact, the company is so famous that if you are walking down the street in Melton Mowbray (which is bigger than I would have imagined!), there are those black and white tourist signs pointing you towards Ye Olde Pork Pie Shoppe. Do they have to pay for that? Do the other shops get jealous? You don’t see a sign saying Ye Olde Marks & Spencer, do you?

The trouble with having designated origin status is that the pork pies taste just the same as they do from the shop. That’s kind of the point, but it also means that getting them from the place itself is not special at all.

To be perfectly honest, I was more excited by the bag they came in, as that was what differentiated them from the supermarket down the road.

Still, nice pies though.

4 thoughts on “P is for pie… well, almost

  1. Every time I see or hear any thing about pork pies I think about Ronnie Barker as Arkwright in Open all Hours. He stuttered his way through an explanation of the pork pies by saying all that is not p-p-p-pork is p-p-p-pie, and all that is not p-p-pie is p-p-pork.

    I know it is on youtube somewhere but I can’t find the clip. Great program.

    I haven’t had a pork pie in ages and I want one now.

  2. I love pork pies – haven’t had one for aages!

    And I always pass through Melton Mowbray on the way to my Granparents and remark how pretty the town is…

  3. be careful of PGi’s they are possibly not all they cracked up to be – the cornish have just got a pasty one and have set the meat levels really low, the pastry of cheap marg, and foreign imported meat and veg…not really cornish!!!!! it was pushed through by ginsters pasties the same guys who also behind the melton mowbarry pork pie pgi!!!! makes you think! p.s what is a vale of mowbarry pie??? is this the same as a melton mowbarry??

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