Celebrating the final shuttle launches

I don’t know enough about space, and wish I knew a lot more. What I do know is that when the shuttles are retired, we’re going to miss out on some fantastic sights.

2 thoughts on “Celebrating the final shuttle launches

  1. It doesn’t matter how many of these I see, it always takes my breath away. Each second that I’m watching it I’m thinking how beautiful and amazing it is, and how did humans do this, then it gets even better. How about when it goes through the clouds!? Wow.
    Thanks for posting it.

  2. I am going to miss the launches and landings. I still miss the Apollo missions never mind the shuttle.

    I can’t help but feel replacing the shuttle with a conventional rocket is like grounding Concorde. All human endeavour ( 😉 ) has been about advancement and now we are going backwards. I understand the safety issues and why a rocket stack is safer than the current shuttle. Of course had they done the shuttle the way it was originally intended neither of the crews that were killed would have been because the external tank and solid rocket boosters were never part of the plan. The shuttle was originally meant to launch from a specially converted Boeing 747 much like Virgin Galactic’s space ship does. Unfortunately it was decided that it was too expensive to do that.

    I can’t imagine launching from a plane will be as spectacular as launching from the ground but it would have prevented a lot of the weather delays.

    I imagine everyone who is interested in space feels like they don’t know enough. I know I do. It is such a huge subject and you can only ever scrape the surface of it.

    The good thing is there is always something new happening that gives you a chance to learn a little more.

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