The Number 8 fails to qualify

So, this happened:

48.  GTE P  Ortelli/Makowiecki            Luxury Racing Ferrari        2m27.098s
49.  GTE A  Krohn/Jonsson                 Krohn Ferrari                2m28.677s
50. LMP1 Montagny/Sarrazin/Minassian Peugeot 908 no time
51.  LMP1   Belicchi/Boullion             Rebellion Lola-Toyota          no time

Peugeot were trying to be tactical, leaving it late before attempting a flying lap. And then there was an accident and red flags and Sarrazin didn’t set a time.


Just boo.

People say it’s a long race and Franck is starting and he’ll overtake half the field on the first lap anyway, but still, it’s not as good as starting in the top five, is it?