Ease into 10k – Week 9

A week that seemed it would never end. Full of ups and downs but ending on a high note. Just one week left after this, and clearly, the fact that I am nowhere near 10k shows just how slow I am. Will have to ponder what is next for me.

Week 9, Day 1

Run 18 min/walk 1 min. Repeat x 3.

I was really fighting the odds with this one. It was supremely hot, I had a new water bottle as a glorious distraction, and a niggle in my left ankle from the previous run (and/or the walk I went on after it). It wasn’t prohibitive, just annoying.

So, by the end of the second stint, any possibility of a 9:25 had upped and flown away. As ever, I’m glad I got to the end, but that time… and that distance… disgraceful.

Week 9, Day 2

Run 18 min/walk 1 min. Repeat x 3.

Bit of a break since the last one as I went on holiday, then ran to the shops, then was not so well yesterday. However, back up and running (literally!).

I’m clearly struggling with this longer distance, as in previous weeks I have been working on an average pace of 9:20 or thereabouts. Last time I ended in the 40s, and this time was 9:30. I was on a steady 9:18 until the end of the second stint.

During that walk I had to do up my shoelace. They keep coming undone! Am I just not doing them tight enough or am I missing out on some super secret runners knot?

I also tried a different route towards the end which didn’t help matters but with the distance creeping up and up, I need to find longer roads!

Week 9, Day 3

Run 18 min/walk 1 min. Repeat x 3.

I’d go so far as to say this is the best run I’ve ever… erm… run. It wasn’t easy, but it was comfortable enough so that I could push a bit harder, and woah, my average pace rocketed in the right direction.

I went half a kilometre further this time than for the same duration a couple of days ago. Is that weird?

I also had the shoelace problem again. Last time it coincided with a walking interval so I just stopped. This time it was right at the start of the third run when I needed as much momentum as I could get. Still, I had to pause and rectify the situation. I don’t want to go tumbling over. Perhaps I should invest in some velcro.

Next week seems odd to me, because we’ve got:

  • Day 1 – Run 22 / walk 1 x2
  • Day 2 – Run 25 / walk 1 x2
  • Day 3 -Run 30 / walk 1 x2

First up we’re going backwards in terms of duration, with the first run only lasting 45 minutes. Then the gaps seem surprisingly different. 22 to 25 to 30 is quite a big jump, isn’t it? And three different runs in one week. I’m bound to get confused.

But after that, the programme will be complete and I will still be nowhere near 10k. Yay for me!

3 thoughts on “Ease into 10k – Week 9

  1. Well done on only having one week to go and having such a good run on day 3!
    It might not be 10km but running 6.22km seriously impresses me.

  2. At the end of the day, how far coul you run 9 weeks ago? Any improvement is progress, and its not an exact science that applies to everyone 🙂

    RE: Shoelaces – I switched to some triathlon elastic laces (ones you don;’t need to tie a knot in). Most running shops sell them, they do work but the guy in the shop did mention it reduces the support of the shoe on your foot, so after a few months I switched back to normal laces again (only because I have bad arches that collapsed years ago thanks to running in the worst kind of shoes ever!)

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