Bottling it up

Over the last few weeks, I’ve realised that running for a longer distance means starting to look after yourself as you go. I’ve found myself super thirsty towards the end of a run, and suffered a headache a couple of times. The obvious answer is to take on more fluids as I go, but that’s not something I find particularly easy.

Keeping upright as I’m jogging along is hard enough, let alone managing a water bottle as well. Nevertheless, I invested in two different bottles to see if I could make it work.

First up, a weird shaped thing from Karrimor. I tried to measure out some squash directly into the bottle which wasn’t exactly sensible. It’s hard to tell if the mix is right when it splits halfway up. Anyway, it was super easy to carry, and the sports top is functional. It seems to dispense liquid better when it’s not completely full up, which I find odd.

This was my first experience of running with water, and I did find it took a while to get used to the sloshing about. Needs must, I suppose.

The second bottle I tested out is from Slazenger. I like that the top is nice and big for filling up, I could even get some ice cubes in there if I wanted to. It didn’t seem that secure though, I reckon the thread would wear out after not very long at all.

It’s nice that it has the measure down the side, if it’s important to know how much fluid you’re taking on.

For me, out and about, the bottle was kinda big. By the end, my hand was aching a bit from gripping on to it. I also found that when the real sloshing began, it leaked a little bit from the top.

I did prefer that people couldn’t see how much was in the bottle, not that anyone cares or it even matters, but I’m weird like that. Overall, though, I’d have to say the Karrimor one seems better for me.

4 thoughts on “Bottling it up

  1. I suffer from big dehydration issues when running and consuming the right amount of water on the run (and during the 24hrs proceeding) is something that I really struggle with.

    I’m lucky that her in Sydney there are a lot of water fountains around and you can easily plan a rute to stop at a few of them. A luxury the UK doesn’t seem to have…

  2. Maybe try premixing your squash in a jug or put a marker on the Karrimor for the correct amount.
    It looks cooler too, which we all know is what counts 😉

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