An update on reading with Zinio

A couple of days ago, I wrote about the great bargains to be found on Zinio, if you took some time to browse. I also mentioned that it might not be a foolproof process to buy, as Mr C had been having troubles. He even commented on the post, suggesting that it was a pretty rubbish service but there is no real alternative so it has to be done. Or words to that effect.

However, a representative of Zinio commented with an offer of help, and just a single email later, the problem was sorted. Issue resolved with a bonus single issue magazine thrown in as apology.

So, I can go back to whole-heartedly recommending Zinio, who also seem very approachable on Twitter as well. It’s another example of the power of the written word on the internet.

Afterwards, Mr C commented that it seems you can’t get anything done without Twitter these days. Which could be true, but it has to be better than before when you would just be stuck at the “not getting anything done” part. The best companies will provide several means of access and it makes the world a better place when we can use them!

2 thoughts on “An update on reading with Zinio

  1. mega point for Mirela who fixed everything. much appreciated. you’ll have to excuse me though, i have magazines to purchase 🙂

  2. as an update on my Zinio idea, to subscribe in the Australian store Marie Claire UK is $32 a year and Marie Claire Australia is $72. Bah. I kind of want the local one because occasionally it’s nice to see a pretty skirt in a magazine and know that I could go buy it in a local store if I wanted to. But not at more than twice the price of the UK one 🙂

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