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Just recently, F1 Racing magazine finally made the switch to offer up digital publication alongside the traditional paper editions. To investigate, it meant revisiting the Zinio store, something I hadn’t done for a long time.

When I perused the Zinio magazine store for the first time, there was a specific UK section but very little in the way of digital content to offer up.

This time, I was amazed at the number of magazines available, but after a quick browse, I wasn’t that inspired. Just as I was about to close the app, I spotted what appeared to be a bargain. A too-good-to-be-true bargain.

A year’s worth of National Geographic for just £15.

Now, I’ve never really read National Geographic in any great detail, but it’s one of those magazines that is amazing to browse through.

Fabulous pictures and interesting features, and 12 issues for £15? That’s a saving of 72% off the cover price.


It’s worth pointing out this is an enhanced digital version with audio and video embedded within the magazine itself. That may not be up your street, but I find it a more engaging way of reading a magazine.

I can only assume that the price is an introductory testing-the-waters, how does this digital thing work anyways, kind of deal. There are other such offers, such as 12 digital issues of Marie Claire for under £13.

I didn’t take up on that one, but the price made me stop and think. At last digital items that are cheaper than the physical form!

Zinio is not all fun and games. My purchase went through fine, but Mr C has struggled. They took his money and didn’t deliver the magazine and are now being awkward about giving it back. That could be a one off, but it’s worth thinking about. Using Paypal at least means you have an extra stage of protection, if a dispute does occur.

For me, I’m going to sit back and enjoy twelve months of beautiful photography.

Update: Zinio replied to Mr C’s comment, and the issue has now been resolved. Wrote a quick update here.

5 thoughts on “Read it for the articles

  1. they stole my money the big stealers! and their customer support is clueless and/or non-existent.

    sadly, they’re the only game in town so i’ll have to suck it.

  2. ooooh want. I bought one issue of Marie Claire to read on the plane and it had some quite interesting articles in it. If it’s that cheap maybe I should subscribe. Stupid Zinio, it’ll bankrupt me I swear.

  3. Mr.C please accept my personal apologies for this, I work at Zinio so if you can please drop me an email at with your Zinio account email address I would be more than happy to help.
    Thank you and look forward to hearing from you,

  4. The Economist is still depressingly expensive. Their online edition is more expensive than subscribing in paper form. I’ve seen lots of people grumbling about it on Kindle forums before…

    I hadn’t heard of Zinio before now.

  5. They aren’t the only co – coverleaf is another (and you can toggle between us and uk sites to get better prices – often the ‘foreign’ content is better priced 🙂 ) and a few publishers do their own digital mags as well (Conde Nast on some titles, but mainly more esoteric/alternative press). You can get to all sorts of the uk alt media via links from spiked or ink press as well)

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