These tweets make about as much sense as mine anyway

I have often expressed my frustrations at Twitter, and continue to have a love/hate relationship with the microblogging platform.

At the moment, I’m more on the love side, though, and anything that makes it even more amusing can only be a good thing.

Yesterday, I was introduced to the concept of That can be my next tweet! It’s a site with one of those annoying URLs that is impossible to remember, even though it looks good in the title bar.

However, if you do manage to find your way there, you are presented with a simple option – put in your Twitter username and see what your next tweet could be.

It’s taking your previous words and combining them in some weird and wonderful ways. Sometimes it takes a few clicks before you get anything that makes sense, but the results can be hilarious. It can also be quite addictive. Here are a couple of my recent ones:

Ooh Miranda Hart on my journalism course – Who, what, why: Why do is so right.

Getting a bit philosophical there. I’d quite like Miranda to be on my course because it’s distance learning so that would mean she had come round for tea!

Reading: F1 on the time! Editing a good anyways! Film Watch – Trulli: and everything.

Reading and watching films at the same time is what I am trying to avoid now. However, doesn’t Trulli: and Everything sound like a fascinating concept for a movie? Maybe.

And finally, although I could go on forever:

New I blame entirely. Blog post: That’ll set you up to actually don’t remember why.

One day I will write that post.

Try it, but, er, don’t come crying to me when your day has disappeared in a huge heap of nonsensical sentences.

5 thoughts on “These tweets make about as much sense as mine anyway

  1. I got a few really good ones:

    BBC have been out for each race… Here is awful no way! Should I ask what the boys in future?

    Sounds like ponderings over the new commentary team to me?

    Just don’t know where I cannot find data on my blog ‘Making Up The Numbers’: Sounds like eating a book?

    People have called my blog hard to read before but I never knew it sounded like eating a book!

    Done deal? 😀 The Angry Birds Vs. The end of safety car man? Hoping for the compo’s so close.

    I have no idea how that matchup would work, but I would pay lots to see it 😉

  2. This must make sense to someone
    “And if any tickets’ touts at them coming guys, you’re going to like nooooooooooo!”

    “Ka pai! they said they’ll come up to get anything except fantasy and they all thought i’d be in fp2.”

    Who thought I’d be in FP2? 😀

  3. Oh dear, I think thats the next hour of my life gone.

    So far I’ve had:
    “Speaking of just me actually, I cursed Button stopping? Surely he does, its close.”
    “Just heard a classic, but its random. Is Tweetdeck has gone c**p today. The negatives are prone to get?”
    “Been watching Waterloo Road while explaining who died at school, which is playing up this the internet.”
    “I be very long road sign! He had a gap but rather wet. Dry tires? Um, why?”

  4. Well, I suppose if the Trulliometer dips really low in Korea, Amy…

    Some of the best tweets the generator came up with for me:

    “I can understand that. The karting scheme is a season… …unless you count slightly longer notice all!”

    One that I hope isn’t true:

    “I didn’t help but it’s understandable.”

    I may have been slightly happy here:

    “The Force India? They’ve got 4 points, which to the new nonemcature… Woohoo!”

    Well, personally I prefer learning a bit nearer home, but I didn’t think my opinions were quite this extreme:

    “I don’t agree with learning in Nottingham. Fairly sure the FIA is rather long time I’ve had an?”

    Clearly my eyes need testing:

    “Good point about black cars being there – Glock had a McLaren…”

    Finally, this tweet got oddly scary:

    “Only in Japan 2009 – hope there are doing a nice mix of people. In that might be fried… Oops!”

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