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A long while ago, when my best friend and I would get together, we used to dream of going to live in Florida. I’m not sure whether it was the sunshine or the proximity to the Backstreet Boys that was the key influencer, but whatever it was, we wanted some of the Florida life. To get a taste for it, we would listen to radio stations from the FL area. It was different and exotic and quite exciting.

When I started commuting a long distance, I used to listen to Radio 1 and enjoyed most of what they had to offer, give or take a Jo Whiley or two. Then podcasts came along, and an iPod packed with music I already own, and radio stopped being a high priority for me.

For some reason, just recently, I’ve really got back into radio again. I’m far too old for Radio 1, although I do still enjoy the Scott Mills podcast. I’m okay with parts of Radio 2, but I do feel they are aiming at people older than me. I’m at that transitional age where the top 40 begins to sound like noise, but you’re not quite ready for golden oldies yet.

There are plenty of stations that do the “80s, 90s and today” stuff, but what I have really found myself enjoying is Absolute.

The main Absolute station is okay, but it’s a bit too full of competitions and trying to be cool local radio style. I don’t mind the odd bit of Frank Skinner, or Dave Gorman, but when it comes to music, Absolute have you covered.

Absolute Radio 80s and Absolute Radio 90s are amazing (in linking to those, I have also just discovered Absolute Radio 00s – trying it out now!). They have song after song, more music than talking, and it’s all great stuff. There are adverts, but the music makes up for them. Mr C listened to one of the stations for several days and did say that when you’ve been listening for a while they do start to repeat. But then you can just change 80s for 90s, or vice versa, and by the time you’re bored of that one, the other will have moved on.

We listened to Absolute 90s for almost an entire afternoon, and I don’t think there was one song that was particularly bad. In the past couple of weeks of on and off listening, I think there have only been one or two that have hit a bum note.

I don’t know where my tastes will go next, but for now, Absolute are filling the gap and doing it exceptionally well.

3 thoughts on “Some absolutely great radio

  1. I discovered the Frank Skinner’s Absolute radio podcast about sixth months ago and I really enjoying listening to it. You have to fast forward the first twenty seconds to skip the adverts at the start, but then it’s completely free of ads.

    They make jokes on the podcast about Absolute opening a new station every week for a new niche in the market. But perhaps that is the way radio is going?

    I haven’t tried listening to any of their stations yet, but perhaps I should do. For some reason adverts on radio really, really annoy me, which is why I don’t listen to much other than the BBC.

  2. Quite a lot of the ads on Absolute are for other Absolute things which makes it more like the BBC than more local radio stations would be. They can get annoying, but as I say, the selection of music does make up for it.

  3. I’m starting to really get into these stations thanks to you and Mr C, particularly the 90s station, my sort of music. 🙂 I haven’t listened to a lot of it for a while too. And there’s stuff I’d forgotten! 80s is good too.

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