Doctor Who Series 6 Trailer

It’s not usually my style just to post a trailer and go – woo! but this does look kinda epic.

I’m in two minds about River Song. Sometimes when mysteries are resolved they turn out to be rubbish (LOST!), and it’s been built up quite a lot. However, it would be awesome to find out who she is, for goodness sake.

The only other bit that jarred with me was him saying: “I’ve been running my whole life, now it’s time for me to stop.”

Yeah… you say that a lot Mr Doctor Man.

6 thoughts on “Doctor Who Series 6 Trailer

  1. Also, did anyone else not notice the old TARDIS from ecclestone and tennant’s eras?

    the 11th Doctor’s tardis isn’t that design. Interesting.

  2. I actually noticed it from the trailer anyways and clipped it myself, the big strucure things are totally missing from the 11th Doctor’s tardis yet they stood out instantly and I had to get a picture to see if I was going mad 🙂

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