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I just wanted to write a quick post to say that the BBC have only gone and created a podcast feed for the Desert Island Discs archive. They said a while back that they’d be releasing a whole host of shows for indefinite download, but it wasn’t clear how they were going to do it. I discovered the podcast feed, which is a great way of looking through the ones you may or may not want.

There are hundreds to choose from, with presumably more to come. It’s odd that they say they’re updating them in batches of 100, so be aware of that if you have automatic downloads.

I’ve only been listening to DID since the podcast of the original show was launched, so I’m keen to go back and hear what I’ve missed.

Which, of course, means I have downloaded them all.

I am a digital hoarder. It’s a disease.

6 thoughts on “Desert Island listening

  1. We’re up to five external drives of stuff here… I stopped asking what ages ago – save that each drive purchased has cost less and held more than the previous purchase….

    (and just of late there has been ripping of the over-large DVD collection …)

  2. I am planning to listen and have downloaded… But I am a bit worried… I liked DID before but I love DID now. And I know that’s the difference between Kirsty and Sue. So I do wonder if I will be able to deal with going back and listening to the old ones… We shall see…

  3. I have just downloaded about 20 of them, my mp3 is now full, I can;t even fit your new podcast on there!

    20! You’ve got a long way to go 🙂

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