Every day, it’s a-getting closer

When I was putting my Life List together, I added a vague “photo a day” item. In my head, it was the idea of making one of those videos where you take a picture of yourself every day, and see how you change over the course of a year.

Then I thought about it a bit more and realised I’m unlikely to remember to take a picture every day, I don’t really like looking at myself that much, and I can’t imagine anyone else would either, so it was a silly idea.

I changed the life list item to be one of those “one photo a day” challenges without the self-portrait requirement, and then I sort of pushed it to the back of my mind as something I would do when I had more time for a hobby.


I have added the first item back in to my list, because I’ve found an app that makes it almost impossible to resist. It’s called Everyday and it’s one of those apps that is brilliant in it’s simplicity.

In essence, you can set a reminder so that it pops a message to make sure you take a photo. It takes and collects the photos and will make the video at the end as well. Here’s a demonstration:

So, I’m doing it. I’ve taken two pictures so far. Just about to do the third. Will I get to 365? I will keep you updated!

2 thoughts on “Every day, it’s a-getting closer

  1. I liked the look of this too, although I was much more interested in taking a picture every day of both the kids rather than my ugly mug.

    So it would need ‘profiles’ or something so it knew which stream of photos to animate. Or I would need two iPhones…

    …which I have, but one is a 3GS which doesn’t have the front facing camera.

    See, never simple is it, Apple 🙂

  2. I saw this earlier this week (although I think the commercial sucks, personally) and while I think it would be a cool project, as little as I think about taking photos for even big events, I definitely wouldn’t remember just taking a photo of me everyday.

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