Franck and co finish third in Sebring

It was a long, old race. 12 hours, I suppose. The challenge from Audi fell by the wayside quite early on as a coming together between Marc Gene and Allan McNish, plus some reliability issues, meant they fell far down the order and had to make their way back up.

Meanwhile, Montagny, Sarrazin and Lamy spent a good while leading the race, swapping between the other Peugeot and the Highcroft car, but a few mistakes cost them dearly. Lamy (who I am not a fan of anymore) spun after a pit stop left him with cold tyres (mini picture here), and then one of the last pit stops of the race took far too long.

It’s worth noting that all the commentators were praising Franck, he was catching up many seconds a lap at the end of the race. After Lamy spun and generally made too many mistakes, the swapped him out for Franck far earlier than you would expect a normal driver swap to occur.

If I had my way, I’d have Montagny doing all 12 hours.

5 thoughts on “Franck and co finish third in Sebring

  1. Slight correction. Dindo Capello was driving the McNish car when Gene crashed into him. I am sure Dindo has clamed down now.

    Shame sportscar tweets don’t qualify for tweets of the week.

    I liked the Mystic Meg act you did in your earlier post.

    and Pedro Lamy (who will also be there)

    Sums up his contribution perfectly

  2. How did it do that? I put in the url and it shows the tweet and background of his twitter page. No need to quote the tweet text.

  3. Have edited that for you, Steven. WordPress is kinda tricksy and if you put in a tweet url on it’s own separate line it pulls all the information out for you.

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