Ease into 10k – A 5k interlude

Moving on to the sixth week of this 10k programme, I was in two minds whether to do the scheduled 10 minutes run/1 minute walk, or stretch it to 11 minutes jogging. I felt like I could probably manage the extra distance and that would accelerate the process a little. I couldn’t decide right up until I started running, so I figured I would wait and see how I felt when I got to the 10th minute.

I didn’t stop at 10, and then I didn’t stop at 11 either. It was another one of those Forrest Gump moments. I just kept running, it felt okay, so I decided to take a day out of the schedule and see how far I could go.

Suddenly I realised I could get to 5k, and match the level I was at when I stopped running last year. By the 4k mark, I was beginning to regret it, but I pushed on, and have thus completed my first 5k since October.


Back to regularly scheduled programming next time.