New experiences with one pot cooking and apple corers

My cooking adventures continue and I’ve had mixed results recently. Firstly, I’m going to have to find a better website than BBC Good Food. It worked fine for one day, but every other time I have tried to get into the kitchen and read a recipe off my iPad, it has failed loading. The site has been terribly slow, and just generally bad news. I even had to print out a recipe at one point. I was halfway through, it all died, and I had to scrabble around to try and get a cached version. Not great.

Nevertheless, before it all failed, I had a go at this one-pot chicken pilaf. I’ve never really been good at cooking rice. The introduction of those express microwave rice packets was a lifesaver for me. However, this one pot business was super easy.

Fry up some chicken and onion, and add a spoon or two of curry paste. I’m afraid I went for korma because I am rubbish like that. Add rice, and then add chicken stock. Once it’s all boiled up, add some veggies, cook a bit longer and serve.

It was not really as yellow in real life. These pictures upset me a bit. It was less yellow and also, absolutely delicious, I will definitely be making it again. I’m pondering how to do it next time though. I get that the point of a one-pot dish is that everything is all in one, but I tend to like two things on my plate. You know, pasta and garlic bread, or a pizza and salad, sausage and mash. Things feel better to me when you’ve got at least two options. Here, it’s all mushed up in one.

Maybe that’s just me.

The other thing I tried recently was this apple flapjack trifle. It didn’t go too well, but it started out great. I bought a new apple corer, and I’ll be honest, I’ve not used one before. I didn’t really use this one, I got Mr C to do it for me.  Forgive me for being a kitchen dunce, but I was really impressed with the result.

The apple trifle was a weird cross between flapjack, cheesecake, apple crumble, trifle. A strange hybrid. The oats were the best bit, but as with cheesecake and crumbles, I like the crunchy bits best.

On top of the crunchy oats and the cooked apple (that looks suspiciously like pineapple) went some blackberry jam (because I couldn’t find coulis), custard and cream.

As you can imagine the result was far too sickly. It was nice for about two spoonfuls and then I never wanted to eat pudding ever again. I think I’ll steer clear of desserts for a while and perhaps try baking some cookies or a cake instead.

So, I’m on the hunt for a new source of recipes. On my travels, I did find this new Tesco Recipes iPad app which is amazingness itself – beautifully clean, crisp and simple. Nothing has particularly grabbed me from it yet, but I love the idea of looking at a recipe and adding the ingredients to your shopping list at the push of a button.

5 thoughts on “New experiences with one pot cooking and apple corers

  1. is great for well-explained recipes – it isn’t as pretty as a lot of sites, but you can’t fault Delia for explaining things well (or at least I can’t, as I am fairly stupid in the kitchen!) has everything split into sensible sections, but there’s some conversion needed as it’s an American site.

    Waitrose also have some really interesting recipes – I’m not sure if you can get to them via the app, or just on the website

  2. I’ve found that when making practically any dessert or cake, you can reduce the sugar content by 30 – 50% without adversely affecting the outcome :o)

    I’m rather into one-pot cooking at the moment, but then it’s mostly because I try to cook a reasonable batch of something to freeze, so I can have a simple meal to reheat one evening when I get home from work. Basically, I’m being lazy!

  3. The Waitrose App isn’t too bad, the only problem is that it’s recipes don’t get updated all that often. I haven’t shelled out for the Jamie or Nigella Apps, but have heard some good reviews.

    I don’t really use any of the apps as I get all of my inspiration from food blogs, but it can be a nightmare following so many sometimes.

    I got taught an excellent method of cooking rice ten years ago by a friend. Do you have a gas or electric hob?

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