There will be a pen/paper replacement eventually

In the ongoing quest to turn everything digital, there are still some cases where a paper and pencil just works. I’m the first to admit that every time I try an online or digital to-do list, I always end up right back with my notepad and pen. This is an interesting idea, then, the closest technology has come to being paper so far, I’d say – the NoteSlate.

I can’t say I am a fan of the website, it’s hard to actually find any useful information. From what I gather, though, the pencil acts just like a pencil. You can save, share and clear your work with the buttons, and it comes in a variety of colours – like a chalkboard.

An interesting concept, anyways.

6 thoughts on “There will be a pen/paper replacement eventually

  1. Reading this blog I’m reminded of the space pen. NASA spent a lot of money designing a pen that would work in space. The Russians just took a pencil.

    Pen and paper just works, I think you can over engineer some things! 😉

  2. I started using Google Tasks and now have 4 different lists covering various topics. It’s the first time I’ve ever managed to stick to a digital to do list.
    I just wish they’d make an actual app for my phone for it because the mobile website is ugly 😦

  3. Even if this sort of technology was available for a fiver, I think I would still prefer pen-and-paper, the ease of having a few things noted on different bits of paper, and able to fold up a list and put it in my pocket. Is this an area in which the existing technology needs replacing? I remember the electronic organisers of the ‘eighties, when a small diary/address book with an automatic pencil having a rubber on one end was easily the better solution.

  4. Pen and paper just works, I think you can over engineer some things!

    Hehe, absolutely. The title was a bit tongue in cheek because it’s becoming obvious that there really won’t be!

    I’m always keen to see what directions technology is taking in this field, but don’t get me wrong, I have notepads strewn about my desk just like everyone else 🙂

  5. I use computerised lists for everything except the shopping because that list doesn’t live long enough to make it worth the time. And those lists get written on scrap paper and are supposed to be disposable.

    Not having a notebook to put things into has forced me to get on with the computerised list stuf. However… I rarely draw anything for my lists and that’s key, and I rarely have to share the info on my lists with anyone else.

    Katherine and I keep trying to use a shared tada list for shopping but the phone reception in Sainsbury’s is terrible and it doesn’t have an offline sync mode.

  6. Fun extra fact… the russians didn’t actually use a pencil because if the graphite broke a piece could have floated into some electronics and shorted out something.

    Sadly while it’s a great story Fisher made the space pen not NASA and while NASA bought some from Fisher to try they didn’t take loads because… normal pens work in space…

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