A reminder that what you write will haunt you

So far, 2011 hasn’t shaped up all that well. I started the year feeling a bit peaky, and I blogged it, thinking to myself – well, it’s been a while since I had a proper cold, perhaps I should mark the occasion so I can look back in three years when I next get one and remember it better.

Silly girl.

I even made the mistake of saying:

I don’t mind being ill so much, because I always think no matter how bad I feel, it can never be as bad as those two weeks post-Silverstone.

The universe looked up, narrowed a quizzical eye at me and agreed: “That’s true, you haven’t been properly unwell for a few years. Let’s rectify that now.”


I woke up at midnight last Wednesday and I thought that was the end. I couldn’t open my eyes, I couldn’t breathe, I was hot, I was cold, my skin was sore against everything it touched, and every part of me ached.

Mr C considered an ambulance, but we went the NHS Direct route instead, like the conscientious citizens we are. They told us to open a window.

Actually, she asked me the same questions over and over, made me feel like I was over-reacting to nothing more than a cold, and advised: “Open the window for some fresh air, try a hot drink and a cold compress.”

Which is good advice. For the 1900s. I was sort of hoping medicine had moved on since then.

Turns out, it has, but clearly no one has told the NHS. I bow down to the gods of Sudafed.

I’ll spare you the nauseating detail of each of my symptoms and how I am slowly climbing the hill to recovery, but suffice it to say, it’s the illest I’ve ever been.

With just over a week to go before leaving my job, I had to call in sick. Repeatedly. Returning to work this week, they had all come to the conclusion that I’d given up working my notice and left already.

Thankfully I came back with plenty enough coughing to prove them all wrong. Tomorrow is my last day, and then I am facing a bright new future where the world is my oyster.

If I can just find the energy for it.

11 thoughts on “A reminder that what you write will haunt you

  1. That’s really rotten!

    Maybe it’s a sign though… You’ll come out of this having had your illness for the whole year and be raring to go.

    I sometimes find the first day after I’m properly better one of the most energetic days ever.

  2. I always say I never get sick. Always. So far so good but now you’ve got me worried.

    Maybe it doesn’t count because I don’t blog it 😉

  3. Oh dear Christine, you have my sympathies. NHS Direct thought I was having a heart attack when I put “chest pains” as a symptom. A quick chat with my GP confirmed otherwise!

  4. That sounds awful – we have had a really bad bug going around and nobody seems safe.

    The problem is in Denmark that you can’t get medicines like Sudafed and the doctors are really strict about giving out prescriptions, so being sick is even worse!

  5. Go nuclear, hit the Beechams Max Strength. No mercy on the little blighters. 🙂
    Glad you are getting better, the initial part sounds very scary indeed.

  6. I bow down to the gods of Sudafed.

    no, ibuprofen is the stuff that sorted you out. sudafed then cleared up everything else.

    tamiflu would’ve been better in hindsight.

  7. Here in Tundraland we have the world’s worst tasting cough medience called Buckley’s. I am pretty sure that stuff was used as some of the disgusting cocktails drinking stunts in Fear Factor. I think the whole idea is to scare you into never being sick again when you threaten someone to drink that stuff.

    It is even advertised that it tastes awful, then it tells you that works. I know for a fact that the taste is horrible. I but I think it is just as effective as the other brands….

  8. I was feeling confident about your progress untilIsaw oysters mentioned at the end. I think you should stay away from shelfish till you feel better.

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