WordPress does the number crunching

Stats posts are very self-indulgent, I know. I have done this before and it’s not the best way of creating conversation or sharing bits and pieces about your life. It is a fascinating glimpse at the way the blog works though, and as a journal/scrapbook type piece, it’s fabulous to look back on in years to come.

Today I awoke to find an email from WordPress with some stats about the year gone by. Interesting enough, I thought, if a little creepy, but still, handy to know. At the bottom of the email was a big button that said: Press this to publish the stats to your blog.

I hit the button, a post appeared in my dashboard, pre-filled with all the information that had been contained in the email, and I hit publish. AndĀ hey presto!

I don’t always approve of everything WordPress do, but I can’t argue that they aren’t making life easier for bloggers.