iPad Jenga – All the fun, none of the mess

I had a few minutes to spare, so I browsed to the App Store on the iPad for a new game to play, and there was iPad Jenga – a featured game just pleading for me to buy it. So I did.

It’s brilliant. For £2.99, you get to play Jenga without having to stack up the bricks every time, without the noisy clatter when they fall down, without having to have the patience to try and fit them all back in the box at the end of the game.

Plus, as an HD game, it looks amazing.

It has all the functionality of Jenga. You can browse around in the usual fashion, pinch to zoom in and out. Once you’ve decided which block you want to move, you simply tap it and start dragging your finger along the screen in the direction you would like the block to move. You still have to be careful, as the block reacts as any real life tower of bricks would.

It leans, it wobbles, it teeters precariously and rights itself. If you free your block successfully, it then zooms to the top of the stack where you can tap to place it strategically to help level out your playing field. If you don’t manage to free your block successfully, well, then I’m afraid it’s game over. This happens to me far too frequently. I never seem to get very far and I need a lot more practice.

Thankfully, with an iPad app, you just have to hit the restart button and you can carry on, instead of having to crawl under the coffee table and find the bit you have lost.

One thought on “iPad Jenga – All the fun, none of the mess

  1. Currently on sale too at 59p for either the normal or iPad version

    I thought I’d give it a go too but am so far quite hopeless. Its biggest downfall is the lack of ‘feel’ that an electronic game obviously cannot replicate. More practice then…

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