Baby Panda Thursday #75

Next week, there is a programme on the BBC all about the Chengdu Research Base in China. I will definitely be watching the programme – although probably not as it goes out live, which is Tues 7th at 8pm on BBC Two. iPlayer all the way! I’ll report back my findings next week.

Meanwhile, in advance of the programme going out, the BBC offered up three super cute videos of some of the baby pandas at the base. Here they are! (I don’t think much of the keyword laden titles.)

Two cute baby pandas become friends

Funny cute baby pandas fall over!

Cute baby pandas in a nursery

I have an inkling this may be the best hour of TV there has ever been.

4 thoughts on “Baby Panda Thursday #75

  1. Thanks for that, I’ll have to set my sky box for that.
    My son wants to work with Pandas in China when he’s older, he’s already sorted out what uni course he wants to go on! he’s got to do his options early next year and wanted to make sure he studies the correct subjects 🙂

  2. I would happly slap whatever moron decided to put music over those clips. I am looking forward to the program but dreading that it will be full of unnecessary music.

  3. They get a gazillion complaints about incidental music on Points of View, so I am expecting the worst. However, it wouldn’t be a wrench to listen with the sound off and just ogle the cute baby pandas! 🙂

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