Get yourself Kinect-ed

Oh dear. I bet I’m not the only person to use that pun. Terrible.

When Microsoft first announced the Kinect, did anyone else think it would never see the light of day? It seemed far too magical, a technology far greater than what we currently had, a step beyond what anyone would want in their homes. Think: Microsoft Surface.

But here it is, launched in the States, and ready to break out across Europe today. I haven’t even been keeping a close watch on the hype surrounding but I already know that I want one.

There are plenty of barriers to entry for us, even if you don’t count the fact that we just don’t have time to play games. We don’t have a TV, we don’t have an X-Box. In fact, we don’t have all that much space for flinging arms around and such-like.

I know a lot of people have been critical about the Wii, and now Kinect, because it doesn’t allow for the “proper games” like first-person shooters or racing titles to be played the way they are meant to be. That doesn’t mean there isn’t space for this in the market.

Our Wii sits gathering dust at my parents house at the moment, but when I had the motivation to use it, it was all about the balance board – Wii Fit, Wii Sports, plus maybe the dancey bit on Raving Rabbids.

The only non-active games we ever attempted were The Sims 2, which was awful, The Urbz, which was even worse, and Super Paper Mario, which was excellent, if a little tricky.

I find that the Wii was designed with motion in mind, so why not embrace it for it’s dance/workout/sports philosophy. Everyone always says that people need to get up and moving more. It may not be outside, but it’s more than just sitting on a sofa.

What do you make of the Kinect? Will it catch on? Will anyone buy it? And more importantly, will it stick around or is it just a fad?

6 thoughts on “Get yourself Kinect-ed

  1. I’m really torn on Kinect. I think the technology is marvellous – it’s obviously not something that Microsoft have simply thrown out to pick up on the Wii’s success, a lot of research and development has gone into creating something special but I’m still not totally convinced by it. My problem with Kinect in comparison to the Wii is that the Wii is very much a ‘casual’ console – if you look at the library of Wii games, there are a lot of non entities that you would never see released on any other console because they just would not work. The Xbox is very much more of a gamer’s console and I do wonder what Microsoft are going to do now they have something to steal that casual audience. the games being launched with Kinect are very much Wii-esque which says a lot to me. I realise you make this point in the post but I don’t think games should be ‘dumbed down’ to incorporate these styles of gaming, I just don’t see the necessity I suppose. Nothing wrong with a proper controller!

    Then there’s the price point. £130 is actually awful for a console accessory. A lot of people expected it to be £60 at the most which I honestly think is fair enough but that price is just a huge, huge turn off point. I’m totally interested in using a Kinect but the price is the final nail in the coffin. I remember the Playstation Eye for the PS2/3 which came out at £25 which, fair enough it doesn’t have the technology Kinect does, but was much morew reasonable even though Sony didn’t embrace it in the same way Microsoft are with the Kinect (They are treating the Kinect as if it’s a new console!). So yes, the price is way off what it should be and will turn a lot of people off I feel.

    It’s going to be very interesting to see how well it does. Playstation Move came out in September and I’ve heard absolutely nothing about it. Kinect on the other hand is getting a vast amount of press and attention so it could do really well. For the technology side of it and the potential it has I hope it does. Sorry for long comment, just seemed alot to say!

  2. You make a good point, Lukeh. Thing is, if you’re a casual gamer, then you can either buy a Wii, or you can buy and Xbox and then Kinect on top of that. Wii is easier.

    If you’ve already got an Xbox, you might buy a Kinect to try it out, but you’re probably less of a casual gamer and less interested.

  3. Don’t forget that £130 is just for Kinect, you need a console as well. The cheapest you are going to get both for is about £250. That’s a pretty big ask for the ‘casual’ audience like yourself Christine that Microsoft are aiming Kinect at. £180 for Wii was about right for new adopters to try out but I think Microsoft have priced themselves out of the same market.

    And they dumbed down the technology to get it to that price, instead to think how much the original version would have cost!

  4. And they dumbed down the technology to get it to that price, instead to think how much the original version would have cost!

    The mind boggles!

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