There can be only one… blogging platform

At least that’s the way it seems.

An experiment to move I Heart Franck off WordPress led me to Posterous, which is really good, but not for blogging. It’s great for uploading a picture or some kind of media and sharing it, which is what it is ultimately designed for.

As you know, dissatisfied with WordPress I made the transition to Squarespace, and have found it mostly good, but there is a significant spam commenting problem. Every day I am having to check that spam comments have not found their way on to the site, and at least 70% of the time, there is something published that I would rather not be there.

I tweeted the company, and they said a revamped commenting system would be arriving at some point, presumably with better spam filters, but for a paid service, this seems to be a pretty poor showing.

Now I am pondering whether I made the jump to Squarespace on the basis of a font, and have done nothing but compromise ever since.

Not that WordPress is perfect. By any stretch. But what else is there?

6 thoughts on “There can be only one… blogging platform

  1. It wasn’t until I set up my photo site and had Tumblr forced upon me as the integrated blogging platform that I appreciated just how good WordPress is.

    Sure, like you said it’s not perfect – but at least I know how to use it properly and it’s stable.

    I don’t think I’d want to use anything else!

  2. Can I ask why you don’t consider Blogger? I know it doesn’t have the endless customization options of WordPress, but for a small project I think it’s about right (and you don’t have to pay for advanced options, either they are there or they’re not).

  3. I started out on Blogger, and I don’t really have anything against it, but I think I need more options than it offers up.

  4. I’ve recently been attacked by a lot of spam on Blogger. I think I’ve got on the list of some spam bot out there. About every 10 days I come under attack for ~45mins and then they move on.

  5. Yeah, I couldn’t get on with ‘Blogger’ don’t get me wrong, it’s a good platform. I’m just a ‘fiddler’ with these kinds of things and like the advanced customisation options of WP

  6. Oh, I agree. As soon as you try to fiddle too much with Blogger, you crash into a wall or have to use certain workarounds (I know, I had to…). But I was thinking more in small projects like ‘I heart Frank’, not for a full-featured Christine blog.
    Anyway, it’s true that having your blogs scattered trough different platforms is not a good idea. So, yeah, I think you’re out of luck unless you pay Mr. C to take care of the blog and you just do the text… 😉

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