An iPad in the workplace

Before today, I had brought my iPad to work with me three times, ready to read some books over lunch. I’ve been reading the Kindle App on my phone which is great, but it suddenly occurred to me that to other people, it probably looked as though I was staring at my phone for an hour every day.

I was torn between being the type of person who stares at their phone for an hour, or the type of person who brings in their gadgety gadgets to show off.

Anyway, I took the plunge and brought the iPad in, and each of the three times I carried it into work, I ended up skipping lunch and not having any opportunity to use it.

Today that all changed, and I finally managed to read. Oh, it was heavenly. I did have a slight problem with the lights, you know, what with it being a reflective screen and all, but once I’d found a comfortable position to read in, it was all good.

The book I’m reading is not so good, but that’s another story. (Look out for a Casual Reader update coming soon!)

I did end up showing off the iPad, but only because someone questioned whether a random laptop had been left on my desk. I had to claim the gadget as my own and demonstrated some of the cool things it does. There were two interesting things I learnt from that.

  1. It is very hard to demonstrate the iPad without internet access, and is the only time I wish for a 3G version rather than a wifi setup.
  2. To my colleague, it was an iPad – “one of those things you can read books on.” It can do so much more, of course, but is this how it is known in the wider world?

The good news is that I will be taking my iPad into work more often now. In this instance, it was fourth time lucky.

5 thoughts on “An iPad in the workplace

  1. I say this only slightly tounge in cheek; “but is the iPad known for anything apart from being cool?”

    I don’t own one, but have played with my friends a bit. He loves it, but has admitted that he doesn’t really know what it is for. The mail use for him seems to be the device you hold on the sofa to show off your photos to friends.

    Is this a genius product that is all things to all people (e.g. a book reader for Christine and a photo sharing device for Dave) or an object with no purpose that will ultimately fail. I think Apple are too good for it to be the second one, but I’m not yet fully convinced.

  2. I use it for several different things. When I was explaining it to my colleague, it basically goes along the lines of: “You don’t actually need something like this, but having it there makes your life just that little bit better.”

  3. work people are weird. Today one of my colleagues said ‘oh my god you have a reader!’ and wanted me to tell him all about Alistair.
    I’ve used my Kindle on my lunch break at the same time as this guy for more than a year.
    Very observant.

  4. The shiny screen is weird in the workplace – on the train we had fluoro lights and it was a pain not having an odd reflection obscure the view on my iPod…

  5. Anti-reflective screen protectors are your friend here.
    Notoriously difficult to apply [is why most offer 2 in a pack] but very effective.

    You do get what you pay for though. I have a Power Support protector on my phone and am considering one for the pad. Best applied with some tips from google

    On connectivity, I miss 3G too sometimes but am trying to justify the purchase of a MiFi gizmo.
    Not quite there yet 🙂

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