From humble beginnings…

A note from my dad:

Congratulations to Christine for completing the 5k run.  Only a few months ago she couldn’t even run to the end of her garden.  She was showing me the picture of her crossing the finishing line and I thought that at last she has managed to grasp the idea of a race.  I was remembering a certain playschool sports day in 1987 or 1988.  I have attached a couple of pictures I took.  In the first picture Christine is lined up with her classmates waiting for the starting whistle.  In the second, as you can see, they have all gone and she is stood there on the starting line all on her own.  The expression on her face said “Where have they gone?”

14 thoughts on “From humble beginnings…

  1. I love it! 🙂 Looking either bemused, or “I’m not doing that”. In fairness I was much the same.
    I’m surprised you allowed a childhood photo to be posted, I never would!
    Nice trousers, teacher..

  2. Clearly, I was thinking: “I have never seen them run with beanbags on their heads in the Olympics.”

  3. Oh very cute. In a cute way 🙂

    But echoing the argh old! because I left school in 88 and you had barely begun!

    I really really hope that my parents don’t have a blog, there are all sorts of things that they have on me that I’ve long since blanked!!

  4. I think the person in blue is wondering where the heck her beanbag is
    It would also appear that some unscrupulous person has left their beanbag at the start.

  5. It would also appear that some unscrupulous person has left their beanbag at the start.


  6. In response to LPG

    Surely parents are supposed to embarrass their children. It’s revenge time for the embarrassment caused to us when the children were young.

    Youth, keenness and agility will always be beaten by old age, cunning and treachery

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