Train Conductor

I’ve become a little bit obsessed with a new game on the iPod/iPad, and it’s called Train Conductor. The premise is quite simple – trains appear on the tracks and you have to direct them to the correct destination. Sounds like a million other Flight Control/Traffic Control style games.

There are lots of extras, though. There are two kinds of levels – the daytime shift has you steering trains to avoid each other, whilst the nighttime shift has ghost trains that can pass through each other, but require other attention. The developers made a video to better show off the game.

You work through the levels, amassing points to unlock the next few. It can get a little bit repetitive if you get good at a level and are just waiting for the next one to unlock, but there is a solution to that. It’s called… Train Conductor 2!

Whilst you still have to deliver trains and get points to unlock the next level, each stage is limitless, and you can keep on playing until you fail. In the new game, I am in love with the Grand Canyon level.

The middle part of the track is missing, and most of the trains will stop at the edge until you direct them where to go. The little brown ones do not stop, and will plunge over the cliff unless you tap them to stop or give them an exit. It’s the best level of either of the games, in my view, but they are all worth a look.

The only problem I have is that I’ve completed both now, and want to see what comes of Train Conductor 3!

2 thoughts on “Train Conductor

  1. I played this at an iPad store when Lou and myself visited it a few months back and it’s real good fun, and rather addictive. I’ve no idea why I’ve never bought it. I’ll have to blog on some of the games I’ve been playing recently now that you’ve mentioned Train Conductor 🙂

    You may like Trainyard, which is relatively new but rather brilliantly done. Very stylish game too, and if you like this I think you’ll enjoy that.

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