Headers 11-20: You decide

We have reached the end of another batch of headers, and as is the custom, we’re going to have a vote. All you need to do is pick out which is your favourite of the ten headers featured over the last few weeks. I’ll keep the vote up for a few days, and then the winning design will be up there for the rest of October.

That gives me a chance to sit back, take stock, scout around for inspiration and get designing.

I’ve changed the header to a temporary design, so as not to influence any decisions. Here’s a reminder of the ten headers we’ve known and loved:

11. Please Drive Carefully

12. The Birds

13. Pretty in Pink

14. Spiralling Out

15. Blue in Baroque

16. Party in Green

17. Reflections on a Cloudy Day

18. City Skyline

19. Through the Trees

20. Wallpaper

And now you get to cast your vote! Choose carefully!

5 thoughts on “Headers 11-20: You decide

  1. They are all awesome,

    I was going to go for number 11, but then i saw number 18, which is incredible and stole my vote!

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